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We can sort of push everyone together in a common goal and we kinda have that today with the military on the sports talk because they are going to be celebrating the army navy game which is going to be taken place at west point on saturday. Have the a lot of guests on a fantastic. Yes we're going to be bringing in as we always do. Normally i would be in philadelphia right now. Doing my show from radio real. Because they can hap- we're going to bring it voice of navy peed. Met her after a break. Roskin have rocky bleier haven't talked to rocky since he sat down with me radio both frost tucker former. Nfl player westwood. One broadcast will join us. Donny edwards as well the former linebacker napoleon mccallum. Back to reagan's while big show coming up so you don't want emails. What's bioline dot com twitter at the. We'll take a break him. Getting start feeling advance is helping you get your engine ready for the road. 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Four four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred. Four zero three fifty nine twelve fifty nine twelve waiting supports with rick tittle. Rick tittle is genius. Confess show ever. He's so wonderful genius ever. He's so wonderful. Lighting sports with rick hansen. He's a genius. Thanks to the show at retailer with you. Coast to coast around the world on american forces radio network. We've just added darren woodson in the next segment as well. So we have woodson blair tucker edwards and mccallum. Let's start the show with someone from my neck of the woods. Someone who's behind a microphone and that is the voice of navy. Football heat medhurst pete. Welcome to the show. And first of all i would think i'm jealous of you because you get to go to the game or am i wrong. Do not get to go to the game now. This is the one road game in football that we will actually do from the road. Joe miller and i'll be leaving Our area south of annapolis at five thirty saturday morning and we will make the track to west point pending cova test. That i'm taking it about a half hour. Make sure that it's negative We'll be there on saturday to broadcast game and we're looking forward to it. I've as as i was mentioning i've been to philadelphia and behalf of usa and we're going to talk about their army navy house sweepstakes as well in a second. But there's just nothing like it. And i'm kinda born into it. My dad was a naval officer. And i always rooted so hard for navy but in two thousand seventeen. I had the superintendent of west point on on the show radio row. And then after the game i went up to west point and i camp ass- and i i've never been so impressed in my life and it's just one of those things where as much as their enemies just for three hours every year when you think about the naval academy and the united states military academy i mean i. It's a shame these kids aren't playing in an nfl stadium but for the rest of us. I think it's even cooler that they're playing at michie stadium. Yeah there's no question you know mikey. Stadium is one of the great Settings for all the college athletics. I broadcasted a number of army navy. Lacrosse games there and be able to do a football game there while it's not the full forty thousand people plus. That would be at mike if everybody could come in there It's still going to be a great atmosphere for the game. Both institutions both campuses represent so much What the kids do once they get behind the wall. Each campus Is is extraordinary. I mean i was just looking. You know we had Track and field athlete and a women's soccer player who have been named to nasr's artists team. That's that's what that's what people do when they say built different. The student athletes army and navy are are built different. They aspire to do great things so That's that's the thing when we talk about these football players and what they go on to do whether they make The military career or whether they go into the private sector and become Incredible business people. You know roger stall back Is one of the greatest turned out to be one of the greatest business people in the world after his playing career and a lot of what he's done through the years it's been create businesses and hire a lot of veterans And give them a path to employment after serving our country as well so these these kids that people will see on saturday they are going to go onto extrordinary things in something else. Usually besides football and the sky's the limit for all of them by the way peter. I'm glad i'm starting my show at the today with all these guests and that you could correct me that it's mikey stadium. You're not the only one i believe. I've never yeah. I've never Because only army is playing there. So i don't see so yes. Thank you for that. It's not msci as mikey stadium. All right i'm making myself a note here. There's no doubt that. When you see everyone lined up but i remember years ago in philly. I was down on the field while the the midshipmen and cadets we're all lined up and it was i'm sure you remember it was just an absolute blizzard and i have three layers on a huge puffy coat and i couldn't take it anymore. I went back up to the press box. And there they were standing in basically just a thin blazer and maybe a little scarf that to me right there. I don't know how these kids do it. And i thought i hope i hope not to be political but i said i was thinking i hope our future presidents from these people and not you know. Businessmen are lawyers. These are the kind of people i want. Well again when you step on. Campus is of west point and annapolis. The most important thing that you will learn while you're there is leadership I think it's been well documented. Now cameron kinley one of our quarterbacks that navy's state of tennessee paths here. He's either going to be the mayor of memphis. Senator from the state of tennessee or is going to be president. One day maybe all could be could be all Just an extraordinary young man And would not be surprised if his teammate. Mild spells from little rock. Arkansas is his running mate on a ticket. One day because It's just extraordinary what they want to accomplish and what they have done. We had some Things come up during the summer where we had several football players and i had a chance to host this panel where and a very difficult time in our country in terms of relationships with the police in our communities and these young men as incredibly intelligent thought provoking questions of our leaders in law enforcement. And when you listen to that you completely forget that they're football players you're listening to how extraordinary they are as people at a young age. So imagine you know when you're old enough to be president the age of thirty five and beyond What these people are capable of because if you can handle conversations like that which at that time we're incredibly volatile And do it as professionally in as profound as they did That shows you the quality of leadership that they're being taught While on that campus and that marriage is You know the classroom and football You know they work hand in hand together To what these these young men learn about leadership. Yes and i noticed that too with the chain of command in the military. It just doesn't work without the chain of command. And obviously the commander in chief is at the top. And i noticed some of the you know. Cadets and midshipmen kept talking about commitment to defend the constitution the very very savvy about the way they can maybe make a little bit of a personal statement without going over the line. I admire it. Well i think that's the look. I mean the one thing in this country and You know i. I keep politics in sports. Completely separate on my show in dc and the one thing about you know the first amendment is within reason you can you. Can you know sponsor any belief that you want you know. We don't always have to agree on everything. I don't think we ever agree on. What our local politicians do national politicians do And you know for for these young people they're forming those opinions Now of what they want to contribute to life and look. I mean we need more young people like them to take an interest in it so we can get some fresh thoughts In our political forums. Right now. And i think that's one of the things that we desperately need is the mindset of some younger people and some fresh ideas and i think The kids you see. Come out of west point and the kids you see coming out of annapolis. are going to be in positions one day to hopefully help Prosper that kind of growth. Very well said. And lastly army navy house dot com. This is where fans of course they can't go to the game. It's very disappointing. But they can share their fandom and army and navy. Just use the hashtag army navy house. You'll be entered into a sweepstakes. Take a little picture. Put that hashtag in and two grand prize winners. One army one navy fan will have the Will be going to next year's game which i'm excited about. It's going to be up there in new york. It's pretty cool paid. Yeah no doubt about it. And look i mean. Everybody loves social media. Most people know how to use it now and Even if you're someone that's not technically savvy you usually got someone around in your family That can help you out with it and fans have been great about doing this all year. Because it's really the one way they've been able to connect with these players and As fans to show their support of their favorite teams around the country. And what a great way to get one of the toughest tickets and sports. I can't tell you how many people This game or like. Hey know you give me an army navy ticket No but this is a way that you could potentially get a free ticket at an all expense paid trip. And we know the fans are gonna come out in droves Army navy house dot com and show their support for their favorite side. Coming up on. Saturday the folks at usaa have been Just incredible and raising the profile of this game normally a standalone game this week. Unfortunately it won't be because of the pandemic football joined by a bunch of other teams. That are playing. But you know what. I think everybody would agree. It's great that people are just playing and the kids are getting a chance to play This week and a couple of months ago. We didn't really know if that would be Would be the case now. Those kids have been on lockdown. They have earned this game once again. Hashtag army navy. Gosh say army navy house and go to army house dot com. Pete medhurst have a great call. Thanks for being on the show and go navy. Thank you appreciate it all.

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