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Stocks a winner, we're down after apple warned that iphone sales in China are slowing down that reinforced investor's fears that global economic growth is weakening the Dow Jones industrial was off six hundred and sixty points tech stocks leading the decline on Wall Street after apple blamed anticipated disappointing earnings report on lackluster sales in China and the slowing economy in that country. But there was also negative news here in the US the institute of supply management's manufacturing index. Fell more than expected for the month of December while there is still growth in manufacturing here. It's slowed down significantly last month with a sizable decrease in new factory orders bond. Prices did rise though, it sent yields sharply lower as investors park a lot of money in those safer assets. Over the past four months, Roman Catholic diocese around the US have released the number of priests accused of child sex-abuse at a rate faster than any time in the history of that scandal and Associated Press review finds an additional fifty five dialysis have promised you release. Listen up coming months. More priests could be identified and investigations got underway. It was started by fourteen attorneys general that modeled on the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation. Well, the founder of Southwest Airlines has passed. Herb Kelleher was a long time CEO and chairman emeritus for the airline southwest released. A statement describing Kelleher as a. A pioneer a maverick an innovator the airline says Kelleher is relationships made lasting and immeasurable impressions on all who knew him and will forever. Be the bedrock of Southwest Airlines. Clayton Neville, WBZ news. President Trump is congratulating. Democrat Nancy Pelosi hours after she was sworn in as our house speaker president tells reporters during an appearance in the White House briefing room policies ascension is a tremendous achievement. President says he's hopeful that we're going to work together on issues such as infrastructure and more from the AP news desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update will be at eleven thirty and twenty four seven coverage is always at WBZ.

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