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That you talk about having the ability to to market yourself for life after football. I mean gronk is uniquely positioned. We're going to be well versed in wealth with the travels of rob gronkowski for many years to come. And I for one couldn't be happier about it. All right. It is Gambier tonight Tuesday top-five coming up, I'm gonna give you my personal top five Super Bowls. And now I won't throw the bears beaten the patriots in Super Bowl twenty. Although that is one of my happiest memories from my childhood, but I'm talking about games with high drama, and let's face it. I mean shutdown whoop that ass. So wasn't a lot of drama there. But I still remember how happy my dad was in on our fridge. This was in our house and panel. My sister put a seven and a two on our fridge like the freezer door out of seven in the fridge door attitu- because you know, the fridge. Thank you. It's no problem talk to who. Have I talked to from that team? I've had Tom fair on before who's on the bears broadcasts. Ron Rivera spoken with him about that before. And that was good times. All right. Let's hear from Bill Belichick because you know, here's the deal Brady and Belle check every year right here, they go again back in the Super Bowl. And you think yourself like for a guy like Brady like is. He really going to play till he's forty five and I said last night like after this year. I'm firmly believing that that's exactly what he's gonna do. Because you keep thinking like why wouldn't you just ride off into the sunset? Right. I mean what else? Do you have to prove? And I think Tom Brady just wants to continue to widen the gap. So you know, it's gonna take a couple of generations for somebody and even get a sniff of what they've been able to accomplish. I mean, the longevity factor all the winning just in. And obviously being in lockstep with your head coach that whole time. I mean Brady and Bella check that's synonymous with greatness. So you wonder where do they keep finding this motivation? Here's a here's Bill Belichick earlier talking to the media today about his motivation for going for a six Super Bowl in nine tries..

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