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Gina raimondo the story from wpro's tests of roy former state legislator spencer dickinson says hill focus on a number of issues when he runs against governor gina raimondo including his criticism of the you hip abaco pensions and his strong opposition to the burrillville power plant in its potential environmental impacts the fact that it's related to right she level that newport low i quit really old about that is a real issue which i believe it is practically a a crisis the democratic dickinson says hill officially announce his ryan on wednesday tests roy wpro narain governor barking two thousand days in office series of events around the status is governor raimondo republicans marquee what they call a thousand days of stagnation here's wpro's steve klamkin republicans trying to put a into governor gina raimondo celebration of a thousand days since herve inauguration state gop chairman brandon bell it's hard to give her credit when we are still stagnating how the way we are so this thousand day stagnation is our theme today marking the expansion of the green airport runway raimondo risk found it were on the move around the nerve there's a lot more work to do but i feel great about the progress we've made bell says he thinks raimondo would rather be in washington and run for president in two thousand twenty steve klamkin wpro news idea for a couple of creditors in the news campbell that live did roger williams oof more than two decades is done the kamel gene and passed on on monday the zoo announced in a facebook post four 1995 zoo described as a fan favorite says she was beloved by staff and volunteers in the meantime that tropical bird to believe that the first of its type seen in massachusetts is died after it was blown here to new england by hurricane jose this is the mass booby there was found on the beach an eastern said the bird's condition was grim from the beginning and it became worst on sunday mess audubon says mess booby had never before been reported on the.

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