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Been very much part of my life. The last twenty years and the thing that i really admire about you to is out. You're self made man. I think a lot of times we see someone. Oil tile tidal and. We think that they were to the manor born and attended eton oxford. You really had a lot of hard. Graft to get where you are asked to eat no or oxford at now. I was asked to leave school at fifteen and and the only qualification i had them was swooping certificate. And so i i. I came up the hard way at saudi. My businesses and You know i've been very fortunate to have done an experience. Some extraordinary things and But you're right. It's it's set with all these things. It takes a lot of hard work to make these things happen but you know. I've been unbelievably fortunate and really very grateful that i've had the opportunity to do seventy amazing things. I was hearing that alex. Who's been with a set off the sale in the vendee globe Had some better problem with his boat and had to leave the race. Could you tell us how he's doing. What's happening with that. Yeah this is. This is really. This is a tragic story. Alex thomson and the team have been trying to win the bundy globe for the last two years. So this this is. Alex is Fifth attempt to win the globe and on the first for those that don't know is has to be the most testing athletic challenge of any sport. If you can imagine sailing a sixty foot boat single-handed on your own up to three months at a time. Only of sleeping for sixty s. Twenty minutes at a time In the harshest conditions on the planet the southern oceans. It is the most group test for any athlete and the motions. It is the most grueling a test for any athlete and at the first two occasions in ninety eight. Sorry two thousand four in two thousand eight. Alex didn't finish and on both occasions almost lost his life. Then twenty twelve. He got third place and sixteen. He got second place and this time he had without question. The fastest boat was the best prepared. He was the most experienced and frankly for the first week or ten days. He led the race until i had some structural problems which to his great credit and the team. He spent two or three days down below repairing with with carbon reinforcements on the girders in the in the bow. The boat got those fixed. Got back up to speed started to Gain a lot of distance on the leaders and then on saturday night Had a massive bang. The back of the boat went out to estimate and it appears he picked up a A large fishing net that had been discarded by fishing boat. That a wrapped itself around one of the rudders and ripped off the road and the rudder stock which really meant that the vote was unrepayable and unsalable and very sadly had to take the decision to abandon the reysen as we speak his he slowly making his way into cape town should arrive at the weekend but he's out of the race so tragic after twenty years of trying to win this race a as the favourite he won't be the finish remember of about fifteen years ago bruce schwab who was the first american to complete the vonda globe on this show. He would call in once a week on a satellite phone just to check in and they were good days and they were bad days and he got a little bit melancholy there. it is a absolute grueling. Not just physical but mental test as well isn't it. It's it's brutal completely brutal. You're you're on your own. You're not allowed any assistance at you. Have your sleep. Deprivation is huge and You know this is not just a few days. This weeks a month alone in the most hostile conditions and actually if anyone's interested if you go onto the alex thompson racing website you'll hear him yesterday talking on camera video About what he was feeling and he's completely broken guys just completely Shattered his his dream. It is. it's tough very tough. And karen lyle with you. Coast to coast and around the world on the american forces radio network. We're gonna take a quick break here. We're gonna come back with sir keith. mills and we'll also be able to take your calls if you'd like to ask the question. The toll free number coast to coast and around the world. One eight hundred eight seven a play. That's one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. I'm back with more on the other side tiller.

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