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Kobe had to fight something it was called shooting every time he got the ball yet to occasionally kkob pass christie minnows no no this is the heard lie new just coming out now apparently during ezekiel elliott suspension he spent forty two days in mexico he was in kabul only left for two days and it was over thanksgiving to go visit his family and he said that he went there that the could let the team focus on the team and not have him be a distraction and also said that he could train i'm just a bit confused why he went to the train at the diamante resort right outside of kabul no in mexico and even if you were going to train isn't that a really be hot place other good rewrite yeah you want to trained in the hottest bush you want to trim saunas joe actually that's the one thing that makes sense yeah but i would always trained like in our olympic athletes trim the mountains to the finn oxygen thin air sure it just seems a little luxurious to me jumble years roach shown the of no no issue now not really i'm if it is odd that you'd go to another country and trained that it's different i've never heard maybe he really did want some isolation and he i did that to me is probably the point is in america your dallas cowboys superstar like you can't hide in the states and it's like a can't hide and columbus ohio college can't hide in dallas i'm gonna go to mexico with family get out of here that that part i get i just hope that while he was there trying to train he also may be got some clarity about how he wants to be at the person young forward.

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