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Aboard tickets were at harbor park right now starting this road trip in Norfolk Virginia and the PawSox now have a one nothing lead. As we go to the bottom of the fourth inning and teddy Stanko, it's kicks and fires too jas Peterson. And he misses outside for ball one. Now righty through a lefty Peterson the cleanup hitter and the third baseman for the tides. Here's the one L grabs the inside court one ball one strike on Peterson struck out to end the first inning on a good slider from teddy Stankiewicz that he threw near the back left foot of Peters. Here's the one that's low two balls and one strike. Already a home run barrage. At Camden Yards Rio. Ruiz has homered for the warriors. A two run shot. The time that game in the first inning to on his swung on a grounded to. I Sam Travis picks it up near the line takes it to the base himself. And there's one way to start the bottom of the fourth inning is play moving back behind the bag there. Travis. If that gets passed Peterson Scott extra Masons. Back three of the last four hitters for the ties of granted out to Sam. He plays close to the line. Here's another left handed bat stands in chance Cisco, and he takes the first pitch. Call the strike from Stankiewicz. It's better command. So far in the second time through the order. Pawsox one tides nothing. And the one. Is low one ball in one strike. Jin Ryu users hit a home run. It's a different looking Orioles lineup than what Red Sox fans have come to know the last few years, the one one is low again to balls and one strike Dwight Smith junior is batting third tonight and Rio Ruiz who we saw a lot of with Gwinnett last season. He's in the cleanup spot at pitch grabs the low outside quarter to and to the count. Yeah. Would say that's like the last few years international league all star team. Those guys weren't even international league. All stars Smith Parise. Tutu CISCO's swings. And he rolls it toward short. That's where Jansen witty the third baseman plays picks it up and fires strike to. I there's a couple of quick out spoke on the ground here in the bottom of the fourth inning. At stuff to recognize none of a names on roster. And boy they have struggled out of the gates though. Of course, as we mentioned, they did get the four one win against the Red Sox last night at Baltimore. Droughts. Now, no one on for DJ Stewart Friday to let the first pitch cut on admist Stewart out ahead of the change up from Stankiewicz. Pawsox one tides nothing Stewart bounced into that four five three double play his last time. Patch Stewart pushes a button back toward third Stanko its fields to the left of the Mt. Post of first time to get steward. Stewart completely disagrees with the call of I play some fire rich Riley, but teddy Stankiewicz out. Stop the mound sets down Stewart and ends the bottom of the fourth inning seven in a row. Retired by teddy Stankiewicz, we go to the netting. The pasta lead. One nothing who you're on the Pawtucket Red Sox radio network. Bluecross blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training..

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