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Downtown seattle next traffic a 450 poor marina rockinger komo news do we will have a lull overnight about thirty five degrees tomorrow cloudy a slight chance of showers and a high of forty five rain likely on friday and saturday in a chance of showers on sunday currently overcast and forty three degrees in seattle twenty minutes of nonstop news continues on komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven and komonews dot com jeremy grater is at the editor's desk good to have you with us on this wednesday doctors say seventeen people are dead after a shooting at a florida high school and one doctor dr evan boyer at broward to sixteen people wounded are being treated at area hospitals and he says to victims died three were in critical condition three were in stable condition at broward health and he says all three patients are stolen the operator in room this evening well the always growing mega business that is amazon branching out in the health care industry in writing about it in today's edition of the washington post karolina johnsson and she is a good enough to join us on the komo news i first of all caroline thanks for your time how potentially significant could this be of the medical portion of amazon's business moving forward well a lot of people had heard about amazon and healthcare especially in the last few months 'cause they're rumor mill has been rampant about them shaking a prescription drugs doing something mysterious terrain and health.

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