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A heavy duty wrecker from a in our truck equipment of chamberlain yanked and tugged the 53 foot trailer out from under the viaduct around one thirty p m pierre police received the report of the truck bridge collision around five forty five am officials from the rapid city pierre in eastern railroad were on scene for a time to trains made the crossing without incident the contents of the truck which have not been disclosed but did not appear to be dangerous were transferred to a second semi that was backed up to the south side of the viaduct the truck driver forty one year old gabriel helfferich was cited by police for a truck route violation damage to the trailer is estimated at fifteen thousand dollars damage to the bridge has not been discussed closed all streets were opened to traffic by two p with the examine afford pierce 200 bicentennial behind them officials of the stanley county seed are looking to the future twenty to thirty years in the future fort pierre mayor gloria hansen says the forward foreign pierre initiative is slowly on its way to reality we've had two meetings and we invited a number of entities in that from the community of fort pierre development fort pierre tourism in promotion that city council county commission and other entities like the verrender enwright board and down the fire department the sheriff's department at the school well and uh because this this needs to be a community effort chris maxwell is facilitating the initiative he says the groundwork has been laid for the programme years ago the efforts and what's going on have been going on for the last ten fifteen twenty thirty years people have been working on what the future looks like it has been a lot of really positive wonderful momentum going on in the community so that train is already been had already been movie as a four pure tourism the bit board the for pure tourism board started working into his of strategic planning the term future for pierre.

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