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There's a lot of people out there trying to worlds and they're not thinking big enough. Minecraft can do anything you wanted to do it can literally you can create anything not a colleague in the UK a wonderful octaves cold atom clock and he scanned a human body a prisoner who had pass away and they scanned his body and then they made it in minecraft and children can now go in and it's lying down on this day skin. There's knows this is in their head and you can go down its throat and on any sliced used a piece of software to slice it in the kingdom. Look all the different parts of the ball is incredible and minecraft can do anything you want it to do. So what I do is the process is I have a little sort of army of some of the most creative bill elders in the world but division has to come from somewhere so I spend quite a lot my time whether it's on a flight or on a y'all like sitting on your in Seattle taught not in this in it's a wonderful thing but or it might just be might just be sitting at the kitchen table and I sketch is the artist in me me and I sketch and I draw. I have sketchpads in sketch. Presents catch passes and then I take those schedules to my builders. I and I see this is what I want and I. It's all at deploy everything from your analytical drawing to color to perspective and I take it to them and I say this is what I want and you'll know this is the cat coach technically size of fly these candidacies in this art world's wanted whatever and then I sit down with them because I'm also one of the others on my team into to get it has to come from escape and actually another colleague of Mine Becky Keenan States. How did I have a laugh about something because she was sketched for me and you'll see this is what I want and she throws like a stick beer with like the tree and Becky was just like wow. I give you a stick bear and that's what you did. I read designed. I showed my guys and I drew the trees. I had the wonderful communist debaters is looked like he was crying because of the difficult history of America and the indigenous peoples specifically an and I can and redesigned that and after a tweet recently just finished recently which may not sound like a humble creek but it was it was an appreciation for my life in my job I three recently. I said I build dreams that children learn and I really do believe I really do believe that I built worlds that children want to play and learning. Am I remember Stephen a few months ago. You and Mike were together in Toronto and you're doing a session in he was life texting next thing during it with Steve Isaacs or st he was texting Steve Isaacs and he was explaining that you were giving being basically a masterclass on game based learning and you're talking about dozens of other games. Can you give us a bit of a tour of game based learning and what are some some of your favorite games absolutely yeah. I kind of realized after some time in my career I was picking up games in teaching in that vein rain and I'm talking fifteen years ago. Games base lending did not title and undivided wasn't Sadly I suppose I could say I was one of the pioneers I am but there were others with me you know the end with some amazing stuff going on in Scotland at the time and within the Constellation at which came along which was actually teachers could hire expertise. I am for free but they had to apply they could get like a classic of Xbox these and that was a space that existed at government runs base in Scotland existed in that way but we didn't call it deems based learning. It didn't have a name of as such an I am but I did come to a point in my career to Kenneth. CD The of me other people in this movement is going on and I was like we're we're the what is it cold and people site whispered. Learning through Games Games are games based landing and stuff and I got really excited about that and then I remember somebody asking me one day. What is it and I just you know an right. There was born the the probably the presentation that makes token of it because I also did it first time I ever did officially was it talked about officially was easy to in Budapest for Microsoft and I just remember sitting just talking to this guy about you know Monaco career at journey the the original tomb Raider Valiant Elliot Hearts blocking hoods or blockers so they besieged little big planet. I mean we just about eight years ago. Now we finished a project for the the at the oil industry using little big planet and it was helping children to understand how renewables as Saudi have fossil fuels are formed and how we moving away from them which I thought was very brave years ago of kind of the oil industry it was a key share to say look this is where they come from but they are finite and at some point have to move so I kinda jumped on that I'm used little big planet and it was amazing we built we had asked quakes and we had anti claims that we had oil. I'm we've worked out how to use little planet to Creole these visuals and we created as a story and the children played the character through these five levels went back in time they went into a time pool. They've learned about this the the heat the crusher and the moisture in need oil at three the three chemicals three scientific processes of accretion credence the fossil fuels and by the time we were finished they have produced this electricity which played their playstation back in the House that the started with in the beginning which they released related to the playstation. They were using right than in the clear. It's level so that was kind of like loop of learning the kiss for like three four hundred million years ago and now I'm using it to play my playstation so it's kind of like this really lovely and it just I just I to realize these gains for play and so I started to reach out and talk to people about an unsigned to meet my tribe if you like at some of my favorite games things like M. Civilization as David that set right for for years using age of policy not I would say I wouldn't. I said it all the time I wouldn't be a teacher if if it wasn't for civilization I straight teacher. Yep Absolutely so civilization age of empires at age of Empires. I used the map editor and and all the embellishments you know I say to the kids who are gonNA use three and what we're GonNa do is use the map editor you have all of the the assets that it gives to you and I want you to build for me a scene from the Oregon trail or we do age of empires to and I see okay as Joan of Arc Mark Sonata in there but I don't want you to play this scenario. I want you to research find out about our do all the stuff that we've been doing on this Joan of arc project you know for the last three three weeks and I want you to tell the story a age of empires and they go off of us all the characters in place trees in the Place Buildings Police rivers. They named the river of Cato because it's something that rain by it's just beautiful volley in hearts we use at even survival evolved. I spent quite a bit time when I'm able to Arc the dinosaur movie the Game Jesse Puck but an arc survival of old and and we use we used that really quite not just for teaching dinosaurs is probably the most obvious we had kids marvel at it because they could see a real as or the Toronto Soroush as Saudi audio triceratops or something but actually why use it for is looking at the food chain and bio-diversity replaced the children out on an island full of caregivers. Carnivores insights sakes fish to them. Let's figure out what this looks like once we're done. We come out of our survival than we say to them now. Let's take everything we've learned from that experience including our place in that G and let's apply to the Canadian rockies or let's apply it to the Australian outback are let's apply it to Central Africa and everything land in the land about the the antelope or the Orlando vote. The beavers Canada and how they're managing the rivers and the wolves in the and the message and they do all of that and come back they see this is what Canada looks like as a biodiversity at model and learned he learned they learned modeling doc survival of old and so it soon became a patent over the years assignment that we could just pick up announcing. You can pick up any game now. Every game is made equal. Necessarily not all games are made equal in every game could be used in the classroom but if you've got the mind say for it. There's a lot you can do with locking yeah yeah I was. I just remember I was sitting there going guys. He's like giving people a Games one one and I don't. I think they get it but I was like holy crap. This is amazing. It was pretty funders. Sit and watch you do it. I I'd like to spend a kind of our our last bit here. I'd like to spend a little time. Talking about one specific project that you've worked on that is pretty incredible. you recently include you recently completed work on a curriculum related to the refugee experience and the refugee crisis happening kind of around the World Greeson yes and these other places where these refugee crisis are occurring. Can you talk a bit first about why you decided to tackle hackel such a you know. This is a pretty complex complicated emotional issue but then maybe talk about you know the impact and even the reception of it in and just how how is it. How has it been received okay. That's a great question as actually this is probably the single most passionate piece of all my work is I love. I love teaching. I mean I'm not a mathematician. I'm not I'm not scientists kissed an English teacher. I love teaching those things and I love getting my can work with teachers to do all of that sort of stuff and I love that but my real passion as a human being and is sort of human being that I am in this of eighty sort of compassionate and socialists in empathic human being I am. I believe there's always more we could be doing for this world and for each other and for the planet and for the animals for the you know just just there so you know there's more we could be doing an and so that contribution is something I want to give and be I want to instill another in other people and so I started a project many years ago co teaching the tough stuff and it just Kinda trundles along and it does it stay in some people pick up a you know the refugee.

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