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Confederate leaders jefferson davis this roberty lee than stonewalled jackson on the state owned stone mountain in nigeria a woman blew herself up and killed twenty seven other people at a market in northeast nigeria yesterday in an attack bearing the hallmark of boko haram militants according to to local officials to more suicide bombers detonated their devices at the gates of a nearby refugee camp wounding many more people and emergency services officials stated in all eighty three people were wounded in the three explosions neared made you gurry the epicenter of the long conflict between government forces and boko haram nigeria's military last year russell back large areas from islamic insurgents what the militants have struck back with renewed is e he'll since june killing one hundred forty three people or four yesterday's bombing and continuing to weaken the army's control the group which has waged an eightyear war to create an islamic state in northeast nigeria provoked international outrage by kidnapping more than two hundred schoolgirls known as the cuba girl's back in april of two thousand four he hits betterknown faction led by abu kharshenko based itself mainly in the sprawling some visa sulforaphane has been characterized by his use of women and children suicide bombers targeting mosques and markets in the meantime a rival faction based in the league chad region led by abu musab elbow noory and voting ties to isis has quietly become a deadly force capable of carrying out highly organized attacks last month an oriole prospecting team was captured by alpine oris group at least thirty seven people including members of the team died when rescuers from the military ambigious launch attempted to free them the boko haram insurgency has killed over twenty thousand people and forced two point seven million more to flee their homes over the last eight years time for sports we q of the nfl exhibition.

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