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They call has never rang me too as we worst sorry. Excuse me very much you tax me on on saturday your other wedding and i said listen. Go away and enjoy your wet and don't be taxed and that's what he said. That's annoys the thing. I don't know this link. How are you don't fuck off toronto years. I wasn't saying i bought your dad really pizza if they do promote this correctly there onto an absolute bloody win without one because it's huge cultural ramifications not even included not yet obviously as well. That's huge but that's where you get the water. If i'm bill uh of course you do and then you have obviously the whole best friends fighting and all the shit's gonna accommodate beyond that story lines coming from left android on it to get it right. It's a bloody game changer and i think we could be in for a mass of a few months back as well so so many options but let's just hope the u._f._c. played this right and don't fuck it up like i have so many in the past and let him but he's going to go from his point of view from what all talk from what he said you don't know it was he's only gonna fight guys that are going to stand there and buying with him on that. He feels that will put on a good. We'll put on a good would fight and he feels are worthy of being there with them and i think that's totally fair and i think that's kind of gone. The last two years bouts don't mean a whole lot anymore. Yes m just moving onto roy's eighteen and didn't watch it. Might i was in bed yeah. Everybody was unfortunately ebola. Huge event we kyoji haraguchi finally being derailed but it wasn't in an non title fight against koi. Asa corp saw the knock. It does nasty mom well. This kid asa corey. There's two brothers. 'em again most of my intel on this oil the events going down. I'll be looking for something on the essa corps or some kind of big article something sue the big console. He's this is what they're all about but it doesn't say you want available available in english but these have generally liga kollek following. They have both a big huge youtube accounts. Put him there like they fought their way up. In an an organization called the outsider was pretty much like bikers would come in and take on for it and stuff like that but here's this kid i think he's only twenty five goes in and stops her horiguchi but he doesn't win the toil and so obviously that's going to be settled again but those that knock balladur does not knock roy's in lincolnian when they haven't put the toil on the line and this goes ballatore on roy jones bantamweight i champion and this kid comes in and stop some basically a minute. I mean percent. It's it's pretty crazy yeah. It's it's martyr. You're probably scientist. David probably probably should have put the toy line right like i mean. I don't understand these stupid. This goes acute. Cisco is a huge deal when japan this courthouse corrigo. He's not like some random guy. They put them devoid against like this guy was tired of 'em as one of the best prospects in japan fires concerned so just just my what the game plan is sometimes with you know i would imagine they'd have to consult with bator before putting on roy's and toyland airport territorial yeah and they probably should have done that because sort of loose ends that doesn't reflect flack gordon brown promotions the lack of toilets put behind that and i think you know we look at baladora a lot of their titan situations and we talked about earlier on there is an awful lot of tall put behind a lot of water or maybe to promote fighters or to have meaning divisions fighting in and that's another sign of it to me if you're if you're putting two baths on the line and some guy he's coming in and on starch and your champion not putting on to yeah you're not putting on the line says to me that what are these guys fighting again in the in the main event hamasaki was considered one of the best outta. Oh my foreign the world really am took on the raucous..

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