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Site delivery we're making it easier than ever to turn every job into a job well done at the home depot how do I get more done wins news time for fifty six now Bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins stocks finished in the green with the biggest gains on the nasdaq composite which advanced more than two percent investors are trying to get us a policy actions taken to fight the economic effects of the corona virus will be enough today's trading could see an extra layer of uncertainty with quarterly options and futures expirations potentially roiling the market the pandemic is already hit the new home market Benares hoping to keep business going with drive thru closings they would allow home buyers to complete paperwork without ever leaving their cars buyers can now take virtual tours of new homes using facetime investors will get a look at February home resales today just after the opening what a ride higher for uber even with covert nineteen causing an extreme slowdown uber still expects to have millions of dollars in cash on hand at the end of the year that said it shares soaring thirty eight percent Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour I'm Larry coffee for ten ten went S. and P. futures up eighty eight points three and a half percent three half percent for the Dow futures as well they're up seven hundred wins news time for fifty seven and is now a page from the diary of flow dear diary there's something about protecting people's homes to progressive that inspires me because I just had an idea for a book well it was originally an idea for a movie based on a play inspired by a podcast but the idea is how you conceive when.

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