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Good morning and welcome back to first life looks like some bad weather brewing this line so let's check in now with accu weather meteorologist Frank straight to see where it's headed the most active weather is going to be found along the east coast as a cold front pushes into a very warm tropical air mass that is in place and the result will be the potential for some severe thunderstorms the main area of concern will stretch across northern Virginia and West Virginia through Maryland much of Pennsylvania into upstate New York and even parts of Vermont as well and that area is subject to seeing the thunderstorms with damaging wind and hail we can't rule out an isolated tornado as well especially across the northern part of that area and along that front showers and thunderstorms will be wide spread all across the eastern part of the Midwest into the northeast and does stretching southward into the southeastern states at front marches eastward behind that front some but much cooler is pushing southward out of Canada we're going to see a nice day Thursday across the upper Midwest and plains and the extending all the way into the southern plains as a matter of fact with some sunshine and low humidity meanwhile across the western states going to remain alive high temperatures will go well over a hundred once again across the desert regions and we'll see widespread eighties and nineties elsewhere across the western states in addition some spotty thunderstorm activity will be popping up over the mountains once again and some of those storms it can be locally gusty and produce some downpours that could lead to a couple of instances of flash flooding a storm system that is spinning off the west coast right now will push into California and Oregon later today into tonight which will produce some showers and thunderstorms in that area as well all right thanks Frank first light headlines cheering protesters torched a Minneapolis police station last night causing the officers to abandon the building even as three days of violent protests spread to nearby St Paul angry demonstrations flaring across the United States over the death of George Floyd a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white police officer kneeled on his neck among the casualties of the overnight fires in Minneapolis a six story building under construction that was to provide nearly two hundred apartments of affordable housing elsewhere in Minneapolis thousands of peaceful protesters marched through the streets calling for justice the U. S. attorney's office and the F. B. I. in Minneapolis say they are conducting a robust criminal investigation into Mr Floyd's death at least seven people were shot as protesters in Louisville demonstrated against the killing of Brianna Taylor a black woman fatally shot by police in her home in March local police confirm that they were at least seven shooting victims of at least one person in critical condition a spokesman says no officers fired their service weapons and that there were some arrests the tensions between the trump administration and China are growing the administration says it may soon.

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