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Those protests. There was also a mag a rally today here in our state Capitol. Much to tell you about today, But first we'll head to our traffic. So we've got traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. Here's Dan has brought by the California Office of Problem Gambling. We have a non injury collision that's westbound Greenback and Fair Oaks Boulevard. Two vehicles involved CHP on the way and again nobody heard him that one. If you're suffering for problem gambling help is available from the comfort of your own home for no cost. Confidential problem. Gambling counseling, call 1 800 gambler or text support to 53342 traffic on the tens and we 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Tonight. Low clouds will break We'll see areas of fog late below 39 to 43 Tomorrow areas of morning fog. Otherwise Partly sunny will see a high of 54 to 58 Friday cloudy with a shower in spots early in the morning, then clouds and sun for the afternoon. We'll see a high 59 to 63 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shana News, 93.1 kfbk, Roseville 57 degrees 55 Citrus Heights and 57 in Loomis, now It's 4, 31 and kfbk. This is a special edition of the KFBK Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neil, The U. S Capital is now secure as a new curfew is in place to senators of confirming the electoral college ballots were saved is a mob took control of the Capitol building earlier today. Sometimes seven Democrats calling for President Trump to be impeached again and that's subject of our online poll. Let's get the latest. Now Some of your nation's capital right now is an armed camp. It looks like riot police and National Guard troops have secured a circle around the U. S Capitol building hours after Trump supporters at the president's urging.

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