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Anything else. No I thought I came up with the term. No phone February. I was really proud of myself. 'cause you know no fun February Circuit up and I don't know some some whole online has talked about and she made like some info graph as ridiculous and she's like part of her no fund February is basic stuff. She's like brush your teeth every day or something. You don't do that every name having too much like do do my own laundry. You're doing that every month every day in every month of the year. So we'll this limit your going out or you still try to attend things and then you just lay off the booze a little bit or a little mix and match depending on the event so I did go to invent last year and I was surprised with how no Kinda drunk you feel when other people get trunk. Oh other people are getting trunk in the energy in the room really pecks up and I didn't really know only one there so I was kind of a little bit. You know the beginning of the party you dislike. I want a drink lake to and I couldn't so I just chilled old and it was maybe painful for twenty minutes but then after everyone else had drink in Nam it was fine because everyone else loosened up. So you loosen up with grant loosened up your big energy guy. You're feeding off their energy. You were an my big energia. That's your big big big big into energy be excited the signing these excite. I said all right What are we talking about today? Grant we are talking about S- nineteen seventeen which the twenty nineteen epic war film directed Cova Written and produced by Sam Mendes. And if you don't know who Sam Mendes is you has on Mendon Shawn Mendes his brother. Yes yes that's it no. It's not I think there is no relation. Besides they might both be British. I think Shawn Mendez is British but anyways he did yeah he did American beauty. He's Canadian oh well anyways Sam Mendes did duty which is very well known. He did sky fall I think revolutionary road is supposed to be good and but this is the first one that he's written written it was kind of the first film he's written And then directed. So what did you think it is is it was good and Unlike four versus Ferrari. You're in it runaway There was no oh delay of action. You were Kinda in the story just lay okay. I'm use I'm in I I. I'm buying in right now. Let's go let's see. Let's let's let's follow this story Is Good and it reminded me of. I think Hemingway was known for saying like when you start a book to start it in the middle of action and I think they very much did that. Yeah I think well I think they did it in a good way and in one known I took was that the beginning there was no bullshit like cut to the first cut. Like two thirds into the movie you were there are some dramatic scene or cut to like five hundred early fifty years ago where some actions going on they just kind of like started damage like the very very beginning is is a little calm but then it picks up immediately and they just run with it and you don't stop not ever the whole. It's if you didn't get it already. I I really enjoyed enjoy this movie. Coal Mine I was in it. I was perfect. Length mean it was what little little over two hours stories. I'd say your. RN change around there right under two hours. Yeah I think the credits were a little bit long But no fantastic antastic now grant did you Did you watch in a theater or did you see it somewhere else..

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