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And in the meantime because in a marines birthday was the next night adrian said let's let's go out to dinner and hang out while they do the show and so because we never went dinner so they go to sushi samba that because i love sushi samba and las vegas sushi samba down lower manhattan i go there and hang out and and it goes you know the show goes really well we david freeze on so in reference to national guests verse local guests david freeze czar gassed and already you know it was hilarious because you know i figured he'd be on for like ten minutes we'd be ass i figured artie would recruit him to the yankees which he did and just bs with him and then ardy david stick around and so i thought that was kind of amusing that he had david freeze you know it's midnight or something freezes fine he's you know that david freeze laugh and he's like you know absolutely what we do another segment david freeze and then already can i get you another sabre sticker us oh he has david stick around for yet another segment and freezes laughing's ass off and we're taxing each other about freezing i like what in the hell is going on but he doesn't carries amused by it as long as you got to do to spring training so we do the show during the show though at one point i look over and already has started to we would take phone calls and already has during some of the phone calls from listeners already his started to close his eyes and it looks like he's falling asleep and you know it's like toward the end of the show but it's on television this isn't like the studios at kf s but i'm not the guy in charge i'm the sidekick guest and i'm like what do i do here because i see the cameras on him and he's got his eyes closed fallen asleep so that was a weird spot our guest that night was andrew dice clay in.

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