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Relax recover from all the tournament. Excitement. Get rolling again tonight Sweet Sixteen level of the NCAA tournament four regionals, including here, Louisville, the KFC um center tonight, play begins at seven thirty with Purdue against the Tennessee volunteers. Ryan client of the Boilermakers excited to be here. Everyone's obviously fighting for their lives in the tournament. But you know, there's so much at stake in the Sweet Sixteen elite eight bronze plan for a final four spot and everyone's gonna come out hungry excited. And you know, we've got to do the same. We've got to come out and competing and mostly just have fun out there. Second game tonight. We'll have number one seed Virginia going against the loan double digit seeds still in the tournament Oregon seated number twelve goals against the Virginia. Cavaliers tonight out west in Anaheim as Florida state and Gonzaga in the first game followed by Texas Tech at Michigan of the sixteen teams remaining. Fourteen or the one through four seeds a five seed in Auburn in the mid west. And then as you mentioned, Oregon number twelve seed here, Tennessee, fire women's basketball, coach Holly Warlick yesterday. She was a head coach for seven seasons having succeeded. Pat, summitt she was a longtime assistant under summit in fact was part of nineteen final fours and all eight championships at Tennessee, but the balls and fallen off lately. Her fiery increase, the speculation Jeff walls at Louisville could Welby on Tennessee's list to become the next coach there as for walls. Well, he's concentrating on getting his team ready for the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow when they face Oregon state and Albany, but he did admit he may not be coaching here forever. If the Lakers come up, and I might leave. I will tell you that they offer the job. I would be gone. So if I could coach Brown, which I don't think they'll they'll call me if it happens, I would leave and if I win the Powerball on Wednesday night, I might be finished last report, Jeff the winner last night's Powerball. I think there was a winner. But as far as was not Jeff walls me. Meanwhile, Alabama has its new men's coach Nate oats leaving buffalo to coach the crimson tide spent the last four years at buffalo. They want NCAA tournament games each of the last two years thirty two and four this season last night in the NBA, the Oklahoma City thunder beat Indiana one oh seven ninety nine in a match up a playoff bound teams of thunder going on a twenty four nothing running third quarter. Russell Westbrook with his twenty ninth. Triple double of the season. Devon Booker became the youngest player in NBA history with consecutive fifty point games. But his latest scoring binge was again wasted. By the last place sons who held the Washington one twenty four to one Twenty-one Golden State is back in first place in the west after beating Memphis one eighteen to one zero three blazers beat Chicago one eighteen to ninety eight to secure a playoff spot and the Utah Jazz one for the eighth time in nine games. Takes a right hand drive,.

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