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For shane and there is him all right. Third thing very upset about this. What's that shannon. Told me this morning. Hey are you on the email. Which of course means i wasn't on the email. Tony bonetti invited everyone that works at heart to a saturday morning. Flag football game. On june twenty six. Allow that everybody a select few even worse. He didn't just overlook me he consciously chose not to invite me. I'm not on the list now. This is the same. Tony bonetti who. I consider to be a great friend who called me while i was in the hospital but yet flag football. I can't be part of it. So i texted him and i said hey thanks for the flag football involved and he said i didn't think you wanted to play. You have so many jobs. Do you really wanna play but see it's not about whether the answer is no. I don't wanna play but why didn't send it no you you ask and let me turn it down. You don't you don't decide if your friend doesn't wanna play right. No he knows you. He's been around long enough. He knew you wanna play. He didn't even bother wasted if i did. I used to i guy make good flag football quarterback. I think he was doing you a favor and save you from the embarrassment of being picked last inside first of all that was main. I would be picked ahead of tony cruise. But i don't know terry. Minors will definitely not first of all. I'm i'm all time quarterback in another reason you were divided so i am upset about that and finally lasting to be healthier right. I'm trying not to do mcdonald's breakfast every morning. i bought some juices. And then i was like all right. I'm gonna go to starbucks now. I grant you starbucks is not in and of itself healthy and what. I'm about to tell you i might get. There is not healthy. But i just nibble on it. I don't eat the whole thing. But i like the starbucks blueberry muffin. Oh yeah those are good. They're very good really good. I went to a starbucks next to my house. Said do you have. Can i get a blueberry muffin. We're out all right. Fair enough out. Might have sold them all right next day. Starbucks barry muffin were out. So i said okay like are you going to have them anymore. I mean are. They just like out and she goes. There's a nationwide blueberry muffin shortage. No there's not no straight face a nationwide actually since they blueberry a nationwide muffin shortage. Does that happen. So here's my question. Do you buy that not at all. Do you buy that. There is a nationwide muffin shortage. Or did she just want me to stop asking about muffins. She wanted you to stop asking. I'm googling right now. I don't see anything about a muffin shortage. We have a lot of people that listen to this show. They're in lots of industries. One of them might even be in the muffin industry. By the way our muffins is that an industry are their factories. That only do muffins. Sure there are all. These bakeries do muffins. But that's holy he's saying only but like starbucks doesn't just get it from the from the muffin. Lady down the street that i'm sure. There's a nationwide producer of starbucks muffins. I almost believed her. She said there's a blueberry shortage or something. Yeah there's a muffin shortage bread house. There a bread shortage. That's what i wanna know. How could there be a muffin shortage. Is it even possible to have a muffin shortage man. I mean i guess it is possible. I guess if they get all their muffins from one factory. And let's say that you can is on. Strike more muffins for you then. Maybe that's how maybe there is a blueberry muffin. Strike going on. I wanna see the muffin straight. But i'm just. I was more upset and i think she she. I think she lied to me. And you totally bought it okay. I didn't why it's why. I'm bringing it up dr you. I'm not gonna argue with this twenty year old girl at starbucks i just and how would she know there's a muffin shortest unless somewhat her manager said. Look there's a muffin shortage. Yeah that may be the answer. I heard here's what i wanna know across this country. There are lots of wonderful people as news show. Do you know where muffins in mass produced. I'm not talking about like at your local bakery but in mass and is it even conceivable that there could be a muffin shorter. My answer is not those. I think it's possible. But i think she was lying to you and i hate to be lied to both by the nettie. The muffin girl. Yeah a lot of people are telling fibs this morning. Right can't trust anybody. No you can't five. Oh two five. Seven one. eighty x machine. Seven seven sends him four or five to five four calipari to the nba. Again is there anything to. We'll talk about it right to talk about jones and the crew. Call the clark's pup and shop online at five two five seven hundred ten eighty or one eight seven seven nine four hundred eighty or just the kentucky brandit or tweet of the day by twenty matt. Kyi sports radio in kentucky on kentucky sports radio on talk radio ten eight sports radio supreme court by the way some breaking news for those of you who don't follow the court like i do has upheld obamacare again. Seven two so obamacare will remain. I was wondering what was going to happen. They're going to get me right shannon a letter what i saw. The scene of course is self proclaimed all time quarterback. Apparently there's a story on business. Insider that says starbucks workers have been telling people they are experiencing shortages of cups syrups and muffins the legitimacy to this story or this on business insider dot com a louisiana base barista said his store is out of cups syrups and all muffins. Why people not working. What's going on. Well i can understand the cups and syrup while the cops. Because i do think that probably is something with the labor shortage but so so so you thought she made it up. It looks like lots of starbucks. Say no one cup syrup and muffins. Yeah i don't know if i buy it. I'd like to work at a muffin factory. Would you bet it smells good. He's probably get sick of it quickly. I've been in factories that make the process meet. That doesn't smell good. You'll imagine that all day there's a big one in in union county. Oh yeah. i'm sure. There's big when other places i've been to the one in union guilty and it's it's what you think. I guess after a while you just kind of get used to it like it's not happening you know but All right so yahoo reported yesterday. Cal is open to nba jobs. Calvin did his normal comment of i have the best job in the world ryan. Let's go to the original comment. Cow is.

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