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What Republicans as a perjury trap. They said that the he is rated extensively. They don't like the format that has been proposed. What set off Republicans and Democrats on this Senator tells Camis they believe they had an agreement with Donald Trump Diener initially for a ball interview before he initially backed off which is what prompted Richard Burke, the issue that subpoena trade war between the US and China is escalating after Beijing. Impose more tariffs move retaliation for President Trump's hiking of tariffs from ten percent to twenty five percent on. On some two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese exports. The president doubling down on his strategy. Open your division or open up your product have it made in this country as opposed to made in China. But experts say it's unlikely China will bend a combination of culture and political system. Allowing a long-term approach in Washington. I'm Kristen Holmes. The heightened trade wars sparked a selloff on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average tumbled closing down six hundred seventeen points. The s&p five hundred off seventy the NASDAQ down by two hundred seventy the US measles outbreak continues to grow. According to a weekly update by the centers for disease control and prevention, the number of US, measles cases, has reached eight hundred thirty nine in twenty three states that seventy five more cases than reported a week ago. This year is the nation's worst for measles in twenty five years and with seven months still to go in twenty nineteen it's getting closer to..

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