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I don't have any as I try to put myself in their shoes is like I know I can't because you know until the last five ten years high school player didn't enroll in college in January and he's had the benefit of all of spring football all of summer all of summer conditioning to learn the offense and and I think really that's what allows young guys to play match when you transferred in if you would have spring ball you have been so much further ahead absolutely and you know talking about coaches again Mike Burkett VT is a guy with NFL experience and collegiate experience that is with him now every day and Mike has told me a lot about you know he comes and ask me questions that's what you want as a coach you one of the if they don't know some ask you so that you can determine a learner that's so important is especially as a true freshman this to be seeking knowledge like that you usually don't get that at a young kid well now and I think to your point on the coaching staff that you know you have your head coach you have your position coaches but is that next level of guys that Kevin Moore wise in the NFL hall of fame right you know sit there take the plate what eight eight nine years ago league Mike Burke with the G. plan as well as you have all these guys that have played you know then you got coach Luis head coach in the NFL forever so you've got coaches that can be resources and sounding board not only to the to the players but also the coaches so let's break it down straight to this team I agree with you is is on the defensive side in my opinion but sell me on the defensive front because up the back seven I'm good with yeah the front is is where I'm a little bit concerned to have a rotation yeah last year yet three freshmen played over seven hundred snaps yeah right Butler cross well and been big guy you're right away no no no likely to only start the played a lot to be at three guys that go over seven hundred places but when you get that with Merlin and and be in the third you've got some you've got enough experience come about do they have an idea to life yeah so that was my biggest concern going into fall camp was defensive line he I surveyed lower that's been around now for a year same as the rest of the press release he's got the experience under his belt and then a kid that nobody's talking about that I'm really impressed with his George Lee he's been here is whole career he just put in work he looks ready I think he's going to be a start this year that DJ Davidson as well I was a kid I got her and he looks as good as anybody on that defense once I don't think they're going to be incredible but I think they're gonna be able to hold their own you know when.

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