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Njit, Denise Pellegrini, Maria Kazaam discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


I'm Denise Pellegrini. Fewer Chinese buyers are flocking to US real estate that buyer is gone. We haven't seen that Byron a long time as Friedman is CEO of Brown Harris Stevens. I would say it's been three plus years since we've seen that buyer Chinese capital controls. Limiting the amount of cash people can leave China with putting a damper on Chinese buying in Manhattan, along with trae tension. Typically in New York City, it's you know it's New Yorkers. It's very domestic, it's very light on, you know, international people coming to buy tastes probably twenty percent. People think there's so many people that come here to buy, but really, it's a lot of New Yorkers and a lot of domestic, you know, Texas, all over California people by here from within the United States. The national association of realtors says instead, Chinese buyers have shifted their attention to lower priced homes than taking out more mortgages, California. Florida, Texas, and Georgia among the most popular states for them. And that's your Bloomberg real estate. I'm Denise Pellegrini after graduating from NJIT Maria Kazaam joined pharmaceutical giant Merck and company as a chemical engineer. She's part of Merck's, global engineering solutions and leads worldwide communications for the Merck women's network. She also helps the company recruit new talent from top universities like NJIT. Graduates. They really come in and hit the ground running. Right. They know how to problem solve. They've been prepared for it. They know how to work individually as well as in teams. They have that kind of flexibility to work both ways, and that's exactly what we're looking for. We're looking for someone that is able to do both says able to do the individual word, but also work across teams and communicate effectively, I think NJIT's definitely helping us was providing some of that key talent pool and having that leadership capability is invaluable, NJIT, New Jersey institute of technology. Learn more at storiesofinnovation dot NJIT dot EDU. Are.

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