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At first and third and then would exit the ballgame Chad green came in and gave up two more runs all. The runs charge to Severino RBI single. As a soup. Crepe fielder's choice grounder by. Matt Duffy Severino's final. Line five plus innings. Eleven hits that's a career. High seven runs six. Earned he didn't, walk a batter he struck out eight give to home runs Severino. Had only allowed five hits or the, first four innings double four singles the. Hit by Duffy. Off of his leg. In the fifth really started snowballing six base hits in a span of eight batters for Severino in the fifth and sixth innings and overall a bad. Line bad outing for Severino's ERA went up from two point, three one to two point six. Three with the six earned against him in this ball game so it was seven to three the raise in front when. The key started mounting their comeback in the seventh and a parade of raise relievers after Tampa Bay walked the bases. Loaded de Gregori is facing the lefty. Adam Clark drove. In Iran with a groundout. To the right side. That was the second. Out of the inning so. It's a seven to. Four ballgame when, Giancarlo Stanton faced Ryan Stanton and Stanton picked up his fourth in, tonight it was a big one Line Centerville Gardner, scars judge. Scores it's the fourth straight head for standing two run single by Giancarlo and the Yankees, trails, seven. Six now the Yankees come back in a big. Way three runs in the seventh, inning a big hit and a big night for John Carlos. Stanton, now the Yankees next rally wouldn't come until the ninth. Inning they're facing. Jose Alvarado the lefty and The Yankees were in position here with matchups to win this ballgame, as Kevin cash left Jose Alvarado in. This, ball game the inning started with a single by Brett Gardner infield hit to a diving Matt Duffy couldn't come up, and throw, out the speedy Gardner at first a wild pitch, moved Gardner up to. Second Aaron judge walked de Gregori is bunted the runners. Over, so, it's second and third with one out. Giancarlo, Stanton, facing. Lefty no chance, intentional walk. Loaded the bases now arid Hicks is up and Hicks slugging over six hundred from the, right, side. Of the plate facing the lefty Jose Alvarado Hicks. The switch hitter a good matchup, for the Enke's but not the result they were looking for. Gardner a third judge of seconds Stanton first one man out. Top of the. Night seven six Tampa A one to judge Joe Hicks ground ball. Third, they come home and get out there no. Throw, to, first How. Good, play by Duffy Coulda gone for two, but if he misses. It the game is tied so he came home and got the lead runner and John summed. It up perfectly for you there sonatas two outs and the bases still loaded and Gary Sanchez chance to make up for that first inning, blunder and and put the at. Least in a tie ballgame maybe even give them a lead with a base it with two outs and the. Bases loaded and everybody moving well Sanchez didn't. Come through for the keys it's a big part, of the story line tonight and here's how it, ended be a one one Hit on the ground to second Roberson throws In time to win the ballgame Weird way to win the. Game ball game over Tampa wins it was a hard ground ball to Robertson who is behind second Not in time Toyota I easily got Sanchez and Tampa, wins, a, game seven six a weird way to. Win the game a very odd criss cross infield play, with the ball hit to the left side. Of second base second baseman Robertson fields at the foot to second not a time because Hicks hustled from first to second and. Beat the play but Gary Sanchez was not hustling out of the box and he did not beat the, played a I it, is, a four six three groundout to end the ballgame and the Yankees come up. A run short if Sanchez is able to. Beat, that play I the tying run scores and the accuser still batting Tampa Bay wins it by the final of seven to six and for them it was seven runs thirteen hits one error for the Anki six runs nine. Hits no errors the line scores powered, by bio.

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