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. Certifying to operate by shed. Wednesday, morning middle of the week, October 5th, on WTO P one 38. Welcome. Whether all the age and what it breaks through the overnight early morning hours first is always over to rich hunter. All right, on the inner loop of the beltway as you head north of route 50 Arlington boulevard toward I 66 traffic currently stopped in the work zone. They may be doing some steel beam placement on one of the new flyover ramps for the express lane project. So again, traffic stopped on the Internet hopefully you'll get moving here soon. 66 westbound issue approach and pass over the ballet, single file leverage by an egg continues out toward nutley street. The Iran from the idol to go west on 66 that ramp is closed as part of that works known as is the ramp from 66 westbound that takes you to the outer loop and outer loop express lanes that off ramp is also closed as part of this work. Now further west on 66 they've been working out near route 50, again, as you approach them passing interchange single file left get by the works on, believe the exits to both westbound and eastbound 50 are open despite that works on, so that's some good news at least. Eastbound 66 between 29 Centreville and the fairfax county Parkway, single right link get your mind, remember no access to the fairfax county Parkway. The ramps to both north and south two 86 are closed, you're diverted further east to route 50 to work your way back. Explore the savings this weekend at Ashley, don't miss your chance to save on all top mattress barons at Ashley, save up to 20% off sleep accessories, explore the savings through Monday at Ashley, rich hunter WTO traffic. If you're ready for the sunshine, you'll have to wait another day. This morning we're waking up to clouds, chili start, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. By this afternoon, we'll peak in the low 60s and while we're drying and clearing a bit

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