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And welcome back to coast to coast our final segment with Matt Frazier George story with you Matt for people want to watch that meet the freezers on the what the the is the best time to do that so we actually just finished the season finale which is great so you can actually binge watch the whole season of meat to Frasier's on demands on the NBC app or on Hulu or Amazon prime and your fiance Alexis use have been with the show for the beginning to hasn't she all you have to show but my whole family in the behind the scenes of you know my life speaking to the dead good for you good for you do you have any wedding plans here we actually do have it was a big season finale is that I am engaged so that's a spoiler for everybody but sorry in yet so we we do have our wedding plans for next year we are we gonna broadcasted live or what Hey if you're there yeah that might be interesting corroded away but so by then I don't think so boy that's good it's crazy isn't it now I as a psychic medium do you look at things like that like events as well beyond just looking and talking to the dead yeah but to be honest with you George you know what I'm hearing from spirit on this is that it's not as big as people are making it out to be he is not I was just traveling in New York City I was just traveling all week long watching for the past three weeks and it's fine don't be afraid to leave your house don't be afraid to do things don't stop living your life next up is Mike in Denver Colorado and he only has a question for you so let us go to you Michael go ahead Mike good morning George thank you so much for taking my call on this Friday the thirteenth that's right Matt I'm a big fan of you and your work and you know I'm to be honest you're you're really someone I feel like I can relate to I've I've watched a lot of your your readings and and you're showing I I really feel like you're someone that can more relate very well to the youth of this country country and and the millennial generation so I just want to say thank you for all the work you do on behalf of helping people move on from from traumatic events in their life thank you so much so much yeah so my question for you tonight is when we talk about many psychics reference spiritual guides as their source of information Hey and you know I've always wondered where these spiritual guides originate from Kentucky could they have been humans on the slice and passed over I was wondering if you had any any insight on that you could share that's a really great question yeah so our spiritual guide everybody has them you have them I have them George them everybody was listening you have spiritual guides but normally we have about two or three in this sold that art were once here in this world who are now since it was actually lives here you know just like we're living right now who passed over to the other side and when you get to the other side when things I talk about my book is that you know when you're there you take a divine tasks this actually work that you do any of the side there's no Starbucks and Dunkin donuts at things like that but you take on god's work you do things here in this world so they're they're actually sold that study to help you out with in life they know everything about you they know every you know person that you're supposed to be every situation that you're supposed to go through everything that's going to happen with in your life so they walk with you every day they help guide you and lead you to the people that you know are going to help you to the lessons that you gonna learn and help you to to lead you through some of the problems in the situations that you're faced with the today not to we all have this ability that you have I believe that we all have a psychic psychic ability and all of us you know but we don't just have it in different ways it's a muscle you know when it all depends on you know how you personally connect with your loved ones on it on the other side but there's no right or wrong way to connect with them because you as a young person developed it naturally were others might have to work at it yeah I know we I mean was it was the same for me I pushed away for years and years luckily I did get back into it when I was younger and it does take a little bit of practice when you're older to kind of get back into the swing of things are too you know halfback insurer of into the ability that you had but you know it's like it's a it's a muscle once you start to exercise that once you start to use that it just gets stronger knowing what you know now would you still be scared as you were as a child absolutely not you know I realize now George that looking back on this you know the situations that I went through when I was a kid was really not you know I would be appointed by goals they were really just people that had passed on that knew that they could talk to me so they were you know people in the neighborhood that that had died you know people close by that had passed on that would you know just saw me as a light that they could use to you know communicate and to speak to and hopefully use me to get messages tell their loved ones you know I kind of kick myself in a way because I think well if I just listens and I just wasn't afraid you know I could have used this from early on but I I I just couldn't next the next few calls map will simply want the some kind of reading from someone on the other side if you find that let's go to Roger in Pennsylvania welcome Roger Hey are you doing your job doing great go ahead Matt take it away hi Roger how are you what are you doing now good so first of all the couple different souls that are with you on the other side but I'm connecting principle your dad to pardon yes hello to your dog something for which I just heard that that's my son so no which is his way of acknowledging that he's here and he's with you and when I'm connecting with your dad the first thing that I'm seeing who they'll show me visions of things that they did here in this world I think that they were connected to and your dad keeps from the cars on the other side but I'm connecting with him did used to work on cars here in this world we used to do that together with him no no he's on the other for his records with me when I'm connecting he's laughing about this I feel like that this was something that used to do when he was here because he's showing me the one speaking to him in your diet help me run connected with him that he was very self support here in this world and that you remind him so much of himself because he says the everything that he did with in life you know he had to understand into himself and your dad is the knowledge in when I'm connecting with him it is one thing that he has to let you know he actually said to me you bring me back to the moment of before he had passed on here in this world and he told me that there was multiple issues within his body when he was here but I thought that your dad kept it a secret he kept telling me that did that he didn't tell everybody how sick he was or what was going on with him did you not understand did you know that he was popping and so it was too late Wiley here are some that issues but you know we we had a new bottom but what actually mmhm we didn't know about Dando button in in in terms of the car's Raj might they have been a little model plastic cars when you were kids weren't and it like you know we're not all there there is a connection to that though because I mean I I got a speeding ticket three hours after I got my driver's license and I came home and he was just cracked up I don't know that the connection it is math what do you think I don't think so I think this is something that has use of Pacific or something like a gas station when I'm when I'm connecting with him so phone through the family member who owned a gas station or or how they got a automotive place here in this world these to work on cars used did you have card there because they see that we're connecting with your dad what happens is they to reconnect with family members and people who would own businesses are working different industries here in this world and one thing that your dad is telling me is that he knew that he was sick even before all of you that you know he told me it was circulation issues within his body there's also some heart issues that he that work here as well we're at that time limits the but there you go Roger thank you for calling these are these callers and listeners matter the best in the country they really are they're so dedicated to this program I can't tell you how I know they are I know they are first time caller Felice is with us in New York City welcome to the program I fully screwed to have you with us morning I stayed up just here Matt great thank you police it may go out okay so today is the anniversary of my mother's passing and I'd like to know what she thinks of my current relationship if she has anything to say about that well you know it's actually funny because I'm connecting with you your mother was right here and it's she was very protective over you here in the physical world which was a life and she says both of us but I want to let my daughter know that I'm sorry she was because sometimes you go to bed too judgmental here in this world but your mom always wanted the best for you when she was here this even on the other side you know she is with you every single day she's very happy about this relationship but your friend because your mom tells me that you're finally having fun she said that you're able to have a good time and your mom actually showed me that this travel plans that are coming up so did you just book a trip with him no I did not I'm hoping to for affect the corona viruses interfered with everything sure has your ticket up travel plans with me so I see that it's because the two of you just in the book the trip you've been trying to book a trip in your mom saying make sure that you go make sure that you go and she's actually bring me down to Florida's told me to go to Florida the Florida yeah yes.

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