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Planet and beyond by doing the campy done Visit periton dot com for more info Steve dresner WTO traffic Thank you Steve and now over to storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter And Sarah is kind of a complex setup We have temperatures that are well above freezing right now in the atmosphere is pretty dry so even though the clouds have been producing precipitation none of it's been reaching the ground until recently starting to see some light rain being reported around orange and culpeper areas So basically for the rest of the evening from now until midnight the winter weather advisory doesn't even start till 10 o'clock this evening we're going to see a mixture of light rain mixed in with some sleet developing between now and midnight as temperatures continue to fall into the 40s That's well above freezing Yes but then overnight tonight will cool down into the low to mid 30s It looks like that mixture of light rain and sleet will change over to all wet snow by about one or 2 a.m. and it's not going to come down very very heavy And it's not going to stick right away as the ground itself is still too warm Now tomorrow morning the wet snow will start to stick mostly on the grassy areas and it's going to taper off in the early afternoon We're not looking at big numbers here We're talking about total accumulations ending up with about a coating to two inches mostly on grassy areas and most of the roadways are going to be just wet High temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 30s to near 40 so it is going to be a chilly damp and raw day and then going down into the low 20s Sunday Night So a lot of that moisture on the roads could freeze and we could be looking at a lot of icy spots to start off Monday Then the rest of the day mostly sunny brisk and chilly highs would be in the mid 30s Down to 49 right now at culpeper 45 and gave this 52 at Washington Reagan national Brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service 7 days a week It's 9 21 Virginia governor Glen junkin has apologized after mistaking one black legislator for another in a text message.

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