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Life short I'm your host Justin Long sorry about Downer note. Injury Sweetheart. But really uplifting because he gave us so much. and. Here's someone else who gives me a lot. Probably, some of you Christian Long Rather. I had to do a little bit of acrobatics to for that pivot. Impressive. Very impressive. It is strange though to miss someone that you've never met I've never met him and I feel like I. Miss Him. Well, I how important he was may I know my life growing up to to my? He entertained me so much that I miss I feel like, know why miss him the way you do and I knew him so briefly and not not well enough to miss him in that way but. This is very bragging but I I ran into his daughter. Months maybe a year after his death and just elda Zelda. Yeah. Very cool. So she she said that he had said Nice things about me really flattered. Me Yeah. I just love to his like you. I miss him. I loved him. I. Love was just brilliant. It's it's a very difficult thing. I think to be able to accomplish to vote that in strangers that I'd miss them and I'm really morning. Person You've never interacted with is like this I mean now. I know I, I never met Chadwick and I've I only heard the best things but nice things about him but I miss him as well. I'll miss him and you think about the the work of his that that the our world will miss will be deprived of it's. It's such A. It's impressive not in both cases that they left this legacy this Would a great gift they gave the world the and Robert. Cat. I can't wait to read that Book David Scuff wrote a book about Robin Williams that I is next up from me. I'm really looking forward to reading it because you'RE GONNA die in two, thousand, twenty, two. Post. It'll be impose pandemic read But Anyway, why are we talking about this a little bit of a Downer, but it shouldn't be a downer. Uplifting they're they're both. We were lucky to have them and they're both just really beautiful artists and and icons. Christian we're talking about how a friend of ours. Over uses that word a lot of people over that word that's become a it's like the new literally Oh. Yeah. So they'll be like, oh, so he basically said all of my. Other people. Follow me on. INSTAGRAM ICONS and. But and it's not true. Doesn't follow him There are I, cons, but you have to reserve that are point was that you have to reserve that word or else it loses its meaning that word has now been hijacked by popular culture, and now it's been diluted to the point where you can't describe share Nikon anymore because then people would be like, Oh, my all my friends Nikon to. My my friends share have a lot in common by the way that was an iconic thing to say how. So it was just well said, it was a decent. elegantly stated. I, am I know I Know but like. I think part of being an icon You obviously, you have to be significant. We're not the arbiters of who who isn't an icon, but I do know this. I know that all of our friend Keith's friends aren't icon right and here's another thing I know our guest today is an icon it's it's difficult argue against that. And and as well as a CO star. Of Robin Williams in one of his most iconic roles in the birdcage. Our guest today is icon Nathan Lane. is known for well the BIRDCAGE, but mouse hunts you lead with mousehunt. Really. Great movie. I would say he's most known for the producers introduce guys and dolls. Yeah. I'm hung up on some of these. Listening to the the Lion King of course, Yvo he voices the mirror cat named named. Don't I know it I know it I know it. I can hear him saying. Mon Mon.. Said Timon. Timon. Tim Known to Moan should ask him. Shit. Yes, he's a famous mirror cat. The most famous I would say and he he graced us with his presence today was cold I had met him once only briefly years ago at a reading of a play called the Nance which he did on Broadway and I did not do I don't remember why but. It was just such a fan of his and recast by. Nikon. Maybe. Maybe. Ben Platt took over our guest. Today is is I would say he's both a Sir and dame I would I think he qualifies. That's fair. Because we live in a time where genders fluid and his I would say most iconic one of his most iconic roles was when you call that character and the birdcage. He played drag Queen Drag Queen on the second of course you can say drag okay. Yes. We play Dragway Queen Yes Queen and. And we are Frankie's we should say I want to. Tell you what? He would drag queen of that movie and he I think it may be in the top five or ten most brilliant comedic performances. I've ever seen in a movie. It's it's amazing. Yeah. As much as we love Robin Williams as Brealey, like once Robin Williams let's face it. It's a once in a lifetime entertainer he is a Charlie Chaplin our time and. So it's so in order to steal any sort of the spotlight from Robin Williams, you know it's gotta be. That's a high bar. That is that is that is a big ask for performer and he's the funniest part of that movie. Is really funny and there's legends and that movie Nichols directed at Gene Hackman Diane. It's like Elaine may wrote it. It is. It's just such a masterfully done comedy and he he's the he's the. He's the reason these the funniest property so Back to twenty, twenty for a second Nathan is in penny-dreadful city of angels. Now on showtime where he plays a hardened la detective, this is very difficult to imagine, but he's so versatile as an actor that I'm sure he pulls that off. Yeah. I can see that especially having talked to him if I hadn't. You. Guys think about his prospects for playing a hardened detective in nineteen thirties. Twenty sounds cool. Anyway here this hopefully sounds cool as well to this interview with an interview. Does that sound like I'm giving it more critter view? It's an interview with the iconic. Lane. Dream sweetheart to. Do..

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