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I'm gonna get into this interview. I had with louis riddick. We've talked about all angles of the monday night. Football game against the baltimore ravens. So let's get that going right now you so much for joining me today. Really appreciate the time. We've got a huge game coming up. Here raiders ravens. Big monday night. Football game percival. How excited are you to call this one as a former raider all every raider game is big for me. You know i don't really hide. I don't really hide from it. I kind of run towards the fact that. I've got such a special place in my heart for the raiders that's where my first arbour's board etc. I won't bore you with that. We're not all say is this though To get back out here after last year being out there in column buttons that week two against the saints at no fans to go back out here opening weekend against against the ravens one of the most exciting teams in the nfl for vegas start off their year playing them on monday night with fans opening weekend we saw one opening weekend was like for college. Football at you think is going to be for the nfl. Everything's gonna be vegas. I mean it's one it's vegas to. It's the raiders will most emotional fan bases in the nfl and for us on monday night. Football yeah that doesn't get any bigger than that. I'm sure you'll hear. My voice will be pretty quick pretty loud pretty fast. It's going to be have to calm myself down. But yeah i can't wait. I can't wait to hit the ground running for sure as somebody that has been coached under. Jon gruden how much do you feel like. A lot of people have talked about this test that he needs to pass this year by as far as getting through the playoffs and all of that are to the playoffs. Excuse me when you put that into perspective. Like how much is the focus on. What comes out of gruden this year when you start with game. One here the ravens. I think i think it's a. It's a big big factor. I think it's justified that there's a lot of attention being paid to the improvement that this team needs to

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