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Of the trade so noone understand what's going on with your situation and then when you have mutual funds those mutual funds may have front end loads on those beachell funds are back in fees if you will when you liquidate and mutual funds have something called twelve b one fees and those are internal charges that apply and that's something that's part of the operational expense that when those those funds are promoted that there are twelve b one fees that are part of that that whole process that can reduce the value of the fund by maybe as much as one one percent it's going to be deducted every year that you're in that fund and there's an expense ratio and that's what's represented here the percentage of the fund's assets that go purely toward the expanse of operating and marketing that fund and then there may be management our advisor fees and some investors of course are willing to pay a financial professional to manage your accounts for you and that can be money that is well spent if you will well invested if you will but again you want and you deserve values something in return and i'm really pleased that our platform here at the singer financial group is very transparent in our clients know what's going on no precisely what kinds of fees and expenses that are being incurred if you will and being assessed and the whole goal is to in the end of course bring value to you the client and the investor brian it's great to hear that you work with people to try to uncover some of this you know when you get the perspectives and you try to make sense of it and it's really hard to do when you and your team do that for folks and you begin to get a clearer picture of what you're actually paying you identify all these commissions and costs and fees what do you do with that info well and you know what as you make that point.

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