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The. Poncet home of the one one pitch that Cui files back creed, hotly Trump together. The bench, his players than really no secret that it's going to be close. Our Madden camp. I mean, I feel confident and both my knee team offense and everything down to what the doctor says. This. He's really accurate rookies here like little invade them a little bit and he's not having far. He's impressed me and I didn't want it to. Play by Florence? Nice job. There was a good tar bet for team gametime team damn. And good morning. Thank you for getting up with us on ESPN greenie Jalen meantime here once again back and so much fun that we had yesterday the today, we actually put it work. She is presented for us this morning list of questions going into the NFL season that we are calling. What's this Meena. Like that. And we had a lengthy debate this morning about whether it should be with or without the comma. What's this Meena or watch this Meena. And which did you prefer? I think the latter. What's this Meena? I think it's the better way. Matter of fact, we need to spend a little time the graphics department, making sure we got that exactly, right. But so seven thirty, we'll be the first time we do those this morning questions all morning long as we head into the National Football League season. Right now, let's get up and go brought to you by shell Pennzoil. Take your round the world sports busy day yesterday and begins with this kid. Ronald Acuna junior making history. The rookie last night, his first career, multi home run game. He's the youngest player in baseball history to hit a leadoff home run in three straight games and the youngest in history to Homer in five, straight games. Overall, this this kid is ridiculous. I love that. We can't just enjoy him. We have to say who's better Hamer, one set up because it's really amazing year contest. I don't have a choice right now. I think it's too close, but it's gonna be fun to watch. He's eight home runs in his last eight games, no twenty year old had done that in the entire history of the sport. By the way, the Braves won it by four, ten to six. Here is some of the numbers. Acuna eight home rawal really August. I, I'm sorry, Jalen. He has more home runs than your Tigers San Francisco Giants in this Allender month. Wow. Meanwhile, eight got ugly yesterday between the dodgers and the giants. These rivals, adding another chapter to the book of their dislike. That's help we Nick Hundley who will just get into it. It's not exactly clear after the game weeks, probably told them to stop complaining and get back into the box and Jalen. I guess that's all the takes for this to happen. No question about it. These teams, these two cities, but that put a matter tend to have these author cases not only on the diamond, but in the stands as well. And fortunately, yeah, ugly incident, this one on the field, not the worst that we've seen, but there was punches thrown out here is these teams. Clearly, there's one of them really do not like each other as for the rest of the game. I want to give you a stat on the dodgers that blow your mind. They have. Existed since eighteen eighty four when they were the Brooklyn athletics, and this is the first time after last night they've lost four straight games with each loss coming in their opponents final at bat. What we now call walk off wins or losses. Kanta Mehta the culprit this time gave the go ahead RBI single Alan Hansen, the dodgers go onto lose two to one. They've lost five straight. They blow four straight saves yesterday. Oh, they might be getting some relief roster going down, and that doesn't really look like release all its second verse same as the first and the dodgers have now fallen into third place in the west behind the Rockies beat Houston. Last night, Nolan are NATO with the big blow is thirtieth home on of the season of Justin Lander. It's the ninth straits home loss for the Astros who's leading the American League. West is just one game. Now over over over Hugh Oakland, excuse me. Houston's last home win was on July fourth heaven, this happen and what you have. Thou- starting pitching the way they do not be able to perform at home. It's just mind boggling..

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