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Bus, routes and frequency of bus stops hoping to reverse a decline in, the percentage of, ridership statesman reports ridership has declined four, straight years even the Metro Rail is down this year by five percents maybe down five percent but, we have more people living here capper metro says they have more people writing but the percentage based on. The, population of the city may be down but basically. They added a bunch of new bus stops, they eliminated ones that. We're not very productive but they added a bunch of new bus stops effective yesterday I I'm. Very. Confused by this we've grown and based on those percentages ridership has down why don't. They try to become smaller. More efficient leaner and meaner versus spending. More and trying to expand when the interest, clearly is waning. It's called cap remapping and went into effect yesterday a major overhaul. Of the bus service across the city Capital metro says this should. Simplify the routes make it more. Reliable and up the frequency the agency has added one hundred, and ten new bus, stops and cut seventeen during the transition. Period street teams will be stationed at bus, stops helping people navigate the changes plus there were shuttle pickup rides writers. Who maybe didn't get the memo for example if you're. On the wrong street so the wrong corner, waiting for the Boston also some things are different this morning, and, they've added some new shades. At several of these new bus stops, and if you're, a writer in you're hoping that the, bus is on time because you don't want to be sitting there in the heat they've got the, new shade instead of making sure the buses are on time they had some awnings to protect you from Maybe you've. Got a, new app new website that you, can easily plug it where you are and. Where, you want to go and then, it'll tell you which bus to get on I don't understand the the. Decision making here people are clearly, still electing to use the cars that we've all paid way too much money for they wanna use those, for the convenience to option has to be better for me the better option. Does not exist out there not even close Todd. And Don show Good morning KLBJ news. Time is seven. Thirty I'm Mark Caesar this update is brought, to, you. By balchunas dental Austin Knight's will get to vote in November on the city's. New rules on land use seven candy state district judge or Lyndon Ron hose ordered the. City to put code. Next to vote attorney Fred Lewis says the reason that over thirty thousand off, nights signed a petition demanding. A vote on codemax they wanna make sure comports with their. Values and their needs that's what we. Do in a democracy we respect the, wishes of the public which is exactly what the. Judge the judge denied the city's argument that code next was zoning issue not subject to a vote because the code is still in draft form and may never be passed how this will affect the. Upcoming mayoral and council elections, remains, to be seen Eric like NewsRadio KLBJ of illegal immigrant families have been temporarily halted hearing rumors about mass deportations of those immigrant families that are just getting back together after separations, at the border The American Civil. Liberties union asked a federal judge in San, Diego, to. Intervene ACLU attorney league alert says that families need a few days to figure. Out their legal options which could include seeking asylum unacceptable that these were apparently being played it would occur mmediately. With the child getting off the bus and so the judge issued the state, we are extremely pleased the. Judges giving the government one week to respond I'm Jacky Quin..

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