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Cherry golf tournament. So he will be back with you tomorrow. I met McCoy filling in for him. Of course, we had a great week of golf over the weekend with memorial tournament. It was won by Patrick can't lay a shout out to many, many of you because we were out there Wednesday Thursday Friday with Joel Mark blazer was out there those days as well. And then over the weekend, we were doing updates and then yesterday Dave metal was on from ten to noon with Mr. Gulf Ray Husted, and Jack nNcholas was on the show and Barbara nNcholas was on the show and then afterwards, I was on with Ray from five to seven and we had all the runners up on the air. We had Patrick can't lay on the air live and everything it was great. But what made a great for us is so many of you was. There are times when you're doing your job, and you wonder boys anybody listening, but it was it was very uplifting. And I wanna thank you. For because so many people came by and said, hi, and it may not seem like much to you, but it means something to me. So thank you for taking the time really appreciate that. And we had a great time out there and it was a great tournament. A really was. Now, if you don't know a lot about Patrick can't because he's not really a top of mind guy. This is a very popular winner for Jack Nicklaus. Because Patrick Kelly in two thousand eleven one Jack Nicklaus award as the top collegiate golf replayed. It UCLA he developed a relationship with Jack Nicklaus so much so that a couple years ago, two thousand seventeen he visited with Jack talking to him about the golf course this week couple of different times. Jack Nicklaus sat down with Patrick can't lay and he says it helped him win the Gulf tournament. Here's Patrick Canley afterwards talking about its relationship with Jack and those conversations from a few years ago about the golf course and this week about winning the tournament. Seventeen we talked golf course. So I went up to his house on property here. We probably spent a good ninety minutes talking about what he thought strategy wise, and how to play the golf course. And I took a little insights from that, you know, one of the things I like about golf courses. It's pretty straightforward. Once you get to know it, you know, when you hit a good shot and good shots over awarded and bad shots. You know their bad shots and it's gonna be hard to scramble and make parse, so you know that, that helped me kind of get familiar with the place, a little quicker than I maybe would have an played while the last two years. And then this year, I showed up, and I've been playing well all year and been able to close out any tournaments, and I see Mr Nicholson the. In the men's grill in there and, you know quick. Hello. And then, you know, you got to figure out how to play those last thirty minutes. And he was right. I said, you're right. And then yesterday yesterday I was in there having lunch or yesterday after my round or no Friday. I was in there having lunch after the early morning around Friday and he grabbed me aside and said, you need to go out there have good time look around when you're out there. Look at all the people having a great time, and then you need to have a great time. And realize that that's why you're there and relax and go have fun and go in the golf tournament. And I definitely said that to myself down the stretch today on the back nine and it put me a little more days. And I hit a lot of really nice quality shots, you know with the lead coming down the stretch and the. We get that ball up and down on eighteen even though in the back of my mind, thinking, you know, probably just two putts. But I really did want to just close it out and have it be done right there. So being able to make that putt on the last hole is just a lot of confirmation of a lot of hard work. I've been doing Patrick Hanley yesterday talking about his interactions with Jack Nicklaus. Yeah. AT was the only time a was in any kind of.

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