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There and welcome to Conan O'Brien needs a friend This is the podcast we'll talk about this a little later, but this as it turns out is our final podcast of our second season, and we have an amazing guest today. She's hilarious. She's very funny I just want to point out that I talked to our guest. Amy Schumer before all of the chaos and. Emotional horrors, and convulsions that that followed the killing of George Floyd, and we are in the midst of intense racial division right now and anger and We're also that butted up against covert nineteen, and so we find ourselves in these very serious times, but I had this conversation with Amy Schumer who I love, and she's just hilarious and delightful, and we had this conversation before any. Of of the upheavals of the last week, so I wanted to make sure that we explained that to people and so I know there are a lot of us out there a lot of you out there that. Would or could use some laughter and could use some silliness, and that is what that interview provides, but I also wanted to be completely honest and say that We're taping this segment now. the heels of every thing that's happened over the last couple of days so. How are you guys doing, Sona, how are you? I'm okay I'm yeah. No, it's funny. No one's good. I ran into I saw friend of mine. This woman and I said. How are you and she said? I'm good and she had her mask on, and this is you know two or three days into the riots over George fluids killing, and she said I'm good. And then she just stopped in her tracks, and she turned to me, and she said I lied. I'm not good and I was like I know. It's a reflects to say I'm good. I'm I'm guessing you feel the same way. Matt Yeah I think so I'm sad. It's a sad time for our country in the people at the core of this struggler justice for George. Floyd black lives. They're like the best of the country right now so I'm trying to take some inspiration from it and. Let, it pushed me into something and to do something. I heart goes out to all of the people suffering yeah. Well we have this making comedy at this. Moment is a strange thing. It's a strange task and and at the same time I do think people should hear Amy Schumer be really funny, an awesome, and then after that. Maybe we can talk about. Where we are the end of the season. Does that sound like a plan all right? So when I was going to do it, whatever you, no matter what you said, plow ahead. Okay, just being A. IF we're being honest, you know you're you're you're okay didn't influence me one way or the other. Okay? Yeah, go ahead now and introduce. I. Have Your permission sonal. Please go ahead. Okay, you're allow. Today is an absolutely hilarious comedian as well as an actor writer and bestselling author. From the Emmy Award Winning Comedy Central Series. Inside Amy Schumer and the movies trainwreck and I feel pretty on July ninth. You can see here in the DOCU series. Expecting amy on Hbo Max Very Thrilled, but she joined us for this conversation. Amy Schumer Welcome Amy. No. We're going to start with. Where are you first of all I would much rather be doing this in person. That's my favorite part of doing the podcast I like people to smell me. That makes one of us. But we this is now this weird way of doing it, but it actually he's been working out fine. Where the hell are you okay as I've said in my text messages I'm not I'm not gonNA. Tell you where I am on. An years yeah, but where exactly I'll pin you. I'll drop you a pin. Okay, yeah, my husband grew up here and so we. We fled New York. Now you're on an island. This is where they send a dictator. That's misbehaved. Make they make him stay on an island. I like to think of it more as as people with leprosy. Okay, you're a dictator with leprosy. You've. Been Sent Atta identify. Does does being on an island. Add to the weirdness of the quarantine I think you're right I think it does I hadn't thought about that, but it's all very weird, and it's also weird to go from New York where I I mean Manhattan where I think they were like estimating twenty percent of everyone was going to have it or something like that right right and then come somewhere where there's been twenty. Twenty nine cases total but I think people are more afraid here than they were in Manhattan. which is you know So you know people were really freaking out here and we're like okay, but we're. You know we've been here for a couple months now, but we're like we just came from where it's really everywhere, but here it's like people walking around lake in like a hamster like humans hamster wheel. I'm like. Have you guys? Yeah, you want to say to them. We're on an island. We've all been here for a couple of months. No you know. Put the Covid can't afford the ferry it, can't it. It's not going to be. It's not gonNA be able to cough up to sixty five dollars to get over here and you know what happened on the ferry, so? Having New York plates If you drive anywhere out of New, York right now have New York plates. Everyone is sure that you have it in that you are on purpose like driving around to try and spread it, and so we are on the ferry. We've near plates. Pay To stay in your car. Because of New York plates where like Okay and I had to pee so bad. I. Everyone knows where this is going, so I, with our nanny and our baby, and my husband, and our dog in the car, I had to pee. In the car in like I peed in our dogs like portable, because I had to piece so bad and we were waiting, 'cause ferries kept getting canceled because of the weather. And like I didn't think. I was going to ever appear in a car in front of my nanny. I just didn't like plan on that and. And it just kind of kicked the trip off like. In a cool way like with a cool vibe, but I wanted to respect the stay in your car..

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