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The last our megan barth of reaganbaby dot com from a young female perspective on what happened in poland with the great speech that uh that trump gave also reporting denied from new york times dirty tricks on donald trump jr the curious case of a russian agent claimed hillary dirt new york times megan and a big deal oh know they're they're also laid owners wayne allyn root try to get them all once a month because he is so good war wayne allyn root going to come on in iroda column comparing jonathan gruber and barack hussein obama to kevin trudeau you're my recall cabin judo for like twenty years was the number one pitch man on tv in america eroded balkan 2012 about how to lose weight in 2014 under obama the feds prosecutor nam because they claimed it was fraud any inception iroda book a million americans spotted a thirty dollars each and end the bulk at morlai said it's easy to lew lose weight this is out a do it donate that much an exercise essentially not brilliant talk but nonetheless because of emails the coverage rudo it sent to others it was obvious that the premise of his book was a fraud the cavern trudeau did not believe it when he said it and americans lost money whilst thirty million dollars most most of which was paid back and most americans like reading his book but nonetheless the fed zwannah jeremy gaza is fraud an inception compare the level of fraud in twenty nine in 2010 on obamacare jonathan gruber now has said on a quiver kabli without question that there was fraud in the sabc shen of obamacare that jonathan gruber an obama new light your doctor keep your doctor they do that was ally light your plan keep your plan new that was ally like your present medical insurance you gave out was ally they said you're premium would go down twenty five hundred dollars a year they knew that was ally they said healthcare recall it's all across america would plummet downward it would be ridiculous how many billy vowed who they knew that was ally everything they said to sell obamacare was ally and we bought it hoped lied in singer what's his cost americans collectively hundreds of billions of dollars and because of.

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