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Of the story. So there was no Oscar pierce involvement. What happened since though, which I think is the Steiner way of going about business, which I respect. Yeah, hard hacking. Look, he's a great man. Beautiful man. It also could be asked to be those scenes or more accurately L pain has offered him to McLaren as a reserve driver. Which given that there's no engine partnership anymore. That's quite generous of them. Now I guess in some respect it really reflects the fact that teams don't have reserve drivers anymore. Or a lot of them don't. A lot of them sort of share them. Yeah, well, if you were messed up, you have your pool of stoffel van Doorn of which went easy to never get a look in. Which they'll call Nico hulkenberg first. Yes, we've learned from the last few years. And that's the thing, so McLaren have amassed a bunch of drivers. They know they're not going to call, stoffel vendor. All the restaurant. Yes. Nick devries, maybe they will, but probably not. They've also got America award. It's hard to say that, isn't it? Instead of Pato war, you want to say pet award, but colt ton hurt her? Yes. Not Colin herder? No, I called ton. He's in the frame. That'll be a fun name in the east to come in the future. And then, of course, Oscar piastre, what I think is interesting about this because McLaren didn't really say anything about it, only that it's sort of been offered and he's in the pool. Is that it seems like Alpine has sort of offered him because maybe they felt a bit bad that he didn't even get a looking at Haas. And they obviously want to keep him sweet, right? Because and look, we're going to talk about this over the course of these. So we don't have to go too much detail today, but he's future at Alpine does rely on Fernando Alonso retiring. Which I'm not going to unless the car is an absolute must this year. I'm not convinced he'll do it. Now Ricardo is at 2023 end of. He has to go to a different team. I'm not saying he's going to go to McLaren. I just mean they need to keep him satisfied that they're thinking about it. Could you hear my roster dramas brewing as I was? I saw the twinkle in the eyes. On the fly here. No, that doesn't work out. So there was a false to dramas. Yeah, it could have been an audition for potential McLaren. But yeah, piastre is the kind of driver where I am struggling to recall a driver who's credibility credibility the junior categories has given him such a reputation where he can actually almost be picky where he goes. There's literally a safe vacant at heart and they've gone, thanks, but no thanks. We might just sit that one out and just wait our turn on the Alpine train. So there's still obviously they want to be in a good car. Of which, good drivers in shit cars is not uncommon. So Daniel, you have to remember he was in a car. He had Hispania Holden racing team. And he impressed on his tenure there. Like, yeah, he was at the asan to the groot, but it's almost like that little twinkle in sort of like, oh, you know, he's able to do it like you're George Russell at Williams, for example. Vander Alonso at minardi back in the day. So there was always that potential that could be the case because it also blow up in his face where he has to have a shit taste at him be forgotten about and then Jack Dillon's in the state. It's very dangerous these gambles. So potentially if he, you know, he does one race at McLaren, let's say the hypothetical land of Ricardo COVID get well soon. And he just does one race with McLaren doesn't okay, right? Or if he has a shit race, oh, it doesn't matter. It was his first Grand Prix. He's never driven the car before. So it's a good gamble. That one. And he has the ultimate advantage of just being there all the time. So, you know, Chandler, maybe it would be him. Finally, before we move on to other things, Andretti is I don't think we know he's happened since the end of last year. Hasn't it the Andretti Formula One bid? Michael Andretti wants to be in Formula One. He tried to buy Salva last year, didn't happen. They got angry about things. And now he wants to start a whole new team. So potentially an 11th Formula One team. He says he's written to the FIA and they've sort of tried I've read it as sort of politely said we're not interested, but he's insisting. Yeah. Which is fine because I think it's exciting to be informative. And he said more recently because of course you have to make China a million bucks just to get into Formula One, never mind how much it costs to make your team. They need to have to build it from scratch. He says team principals were originally a little bit cold on the idea and they were, some of them spoke publicly on it earlier in the year like last year, but he reckons they're starting to come around to the idea that actually an American famous American racing brand competing in Formula One while it's having its American moment might be a good thing. It is absolutely a good thing and I've said this time and time again we need another team or two on the grid. I'm happy that the alpha thing didn't happen only because I think alpha is in okay shape. I'd like to think, oh, you don't really know the backroom shenanigans there. But alpha is can stand up on its own two legs. That's fine. I don't want and ready to buy Haas because it's kind of shuffling Americans in your pocket. How good would it be to have two? America times. Great. So especially with, I mean, Haas is a big time. Sort of the NASCAR sort of sphere, but the tools industry. Industrious kind of person, whereas Andretti, that is racing, D and a, that is literally ending Formula One history as well, obviously with Michael Andretti senior. So yeah, obviously the alpay and connection they've confirmed they're going to run a Renault power plant as well. So obviously. So given they're not the biggest player in the political sphere, they're sort of not quite Toto Wolff sort of. Impact in the Formula One world. But Alpine right now I should say they're a customer that they're involved. So they need to sort of push their wider and a bit more and say, hi, we need another team on the grid. We need another tank to supply engines for. We're happy to do it. So come on, make it happen, everybody. Yes, I think it's a great thing. And I hope it does come off. It's hard to know they said because they want to be obviously not next year with the year after. So you're going to need to find out soon, but hopefully people can get around it without having to resort to what Formula One loves to do with these moments. Suing people, finding people or banning people. All being disgraced out and then having a holding company hold on and then move it back. You're listening to Greeks on the roof. Let's take a break from talking about Formula One the Bahrain Grand Prix preview because legal land has been there for Formula One.

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