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Keyed and his partner were trying to question a man with a foot pursuit and a struggle on the ground in sued with officer mall king yelling he's reaching forward he's reaching for it three shots were fired killing office from all keen NYPD commissioner James o'neal describes what happened next five offices at the location fight this service weapons striking the man. a suspect was pronounced deceased on the scene and its fire on a thirty two caliber revolver was recovered by police officer Brian Moore king was stationed in the Bronx and have been on the force for nearly seven years he served to the anti crime unit in the forty seven precinct the police commissioner tweeted there's no worse moment in our profession than this please keep Brian's family and colleagues in your thoughts Harvard University press delivery back our saying he regrets the controversial comments he made invoking the thirteenth amendment in referring to the university's relationship with wealthy donors the globe reports back how spoke on Tuesday the Harvard alumni relations and fundraising staff when he referred to that amendment which freed slaves here in the U. west is a Harvard individual schools can no longer own specific wealthy graduates a vigil is held for deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal they seek sheriff's deputy who was fatally shot during a traffic stop on Friday in Houston here's K. H. O. U. TV reporter Adam data. as the sun set over Debbie Sandeep deli walls memorial his family was surrounded by support. I am very sorry that you deal with the Sikh community and his fellow shares that. his name my not friend or colleague he's been my it it really younger.

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