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I guess this week is Josh Wolff co founder and managing partner at Lux capital. I had Josh on the podcast last year, which is one of the most popular episodes in the show's history. This is a continuation of our ongoing conversation about investing in the frontiers of technology, my favorite thing about Josh. And the way that he invests is the mosaic that he and his team at locks are constantly building to understand the world, and where new companies may fit in. We cover a crazy variety of topics from business model invasion roles of the CEO of the military, the death of privacy and EROs of human progress. Please enjoy round two with Josh Wolff. What are the things that? I'm fascinated about right now is just big coordination problems. You mentioned China's specifically which I think is part of the answer to this next question. I'm curious about your view on our -bility really as a species to tackle massive scale problems verses sort of like incremental innovation. Optimization efficiency gains that you see in a lot of business today. And certainly in a lot of startups. How do you think about that kind of dichotomy of massive scale projects and our -bility to tackle them? And what you wanna fund well on this? I'm the opposite of Robert Gordon. Right. So I actually believe that it's just a failure of imagination worse than a failure productivity or technology because we don't know what the thing is that's going to be ten or twenty percents in terms of tackling huge large-scale programs and projects there's basically one overarching mechanism which exists at the moment, which is a low cost of capital when you have a low cost capital, I have acquainted to a tractor beam for the future. And so you would take twenty year for out projects and basically pull them in Star Trek like into these twenty month, frenzied, prog. Facts..

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