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And the old want a weak ground ball to the right side. It gets past amount pirate coming on the thrall. The slightest Minnesota twins win it. Exciting night Pretty long night at Target field. You Kenta Maeda lost his no hitter in the ninth, but it was an exciting game in the 12. Mikey. Hey, that was that was the encapsulation of why we love and hate baseball. It was a long game, which you know they're trying to counter that with all kinds of different things that didn't work last night, and it was a great game and just it ends. Well, everything. East three strikeouts Kenta Maeda. Going for the no hitter. Use it up to a light hitting infielder, and then they almost lose. They lose the lead tied up, almost get beaten. Then they come back and find a way to win. They didn't do it with a home run like you expect to institute with they deal with a little soft ground ball. It was everything than Kenta Maeda. You with something last night. Everything that, you know, you know, Um Jordana, one of the things that they talk about when you're learning to pitch in baseball is everybody wants tall hard you throw. Is he a 95 guys in 93 guys? You know what What what More and more teams or good pitching coaches say how hard is his ball move, and it throws an 88 but is moving three inches from left to right. Most guys can't do that. He can still pitch and that's what he did last night that ah A lot of really good pictures. We've been proud of the way that work because he was he was overpowering there blown it by anybody use. He was really pitching, attacking the strike zone, and that's that's good to see you at all levels. It's good to see you so we do that. Is that a trend in baseball now and they were throwing so fast but throwing with more art? Absolute, actually not. It's the opposite. Now. Everybody's thrown 97 98 6 95, and that's what was refreshing to see. But you don't have to again that if you know your pitches if you're working on with your catcher, if you're doing all those things, you're still successful. Randy Dad next on a great singer, and a lot of people are throwing sinkers anymore. Some people say that's not the way to pitch anymore that you get it. You try to move the ball up in the zone and do some different things, and he's having tremendous success. So if you do it well, it seems to me you've got a pretty good chance. And there are a lot of new trends in baseball. But it seems like everybody wants you throw harder made and just get thrown it wherever they wanted and got it done. I just want to take you back about 28 years or so this week, I would have been on a crappy, dilapidated school bus travelling through the deep south to East Tennessee State. University use Tennessee stating east Tennessee State University. Stay with me. There is a point to this story, Mikey, just setting the stage a little bit for you, Um, traveling and and finding fast food restaurants that we did not know existed. There's like, you know, fried crayfish, crawfish thatyou confined. At a fast food place in the deep South. That you did not know was even a food. So imagine that we would have arrived on the campus of the East Tennessee State University. And we would be with about I'm gonna go with about 5000 other teenage girls and teenage boys, probably in the best shape off their life for a week's worth of cheerleading camp. Well, you would, too. Campanis, Tennessee state. Honey, that's real cute in the smoky mountains, right? We schlepped? Yep. So it was the greatest one of the greatest experience of college cheerleader. So that's what I need. Yeah, so it was great, but it was a lot of hard work. I've never been so sore in my whole life, really, But it takes me back to getting ready for the season and you say what you want about cheerleading. It was a wonderful sport that kept us in great shape and was really fun. What are we doing with the high school cheerleaders? And if there's no football this year, you know, I was asking about that and because even training all summer A cz, you know, to your point in other skills, and they had no team to trade for so they were talking about a meeting football cheerleaders. They're talking about moving him over a soccer where there is Gonna be a season and then they kind of said. Some said, You know why the fewer people the better right now at games, and so there's just continuing to train kind of like the football players, and it's like we'll tell you when you got a season cheer for you. No. So you know the ramifications and every school is different As to what they you Certainly can. I was just talking to somebody whose daughter goes to Big school were talking about that. But You forget they've trained as a group all summer. Yes, I know. And you don't train you know you trained to perform and and there's no place to performance, So they're hanging in there still doing stunts. They've cut back on their practices because you really don't, you know You probably get there and there's probably no competitions. Some of those are some good you know, they compete nor God competitions right now. So it's just like everywhere else, Man. You did they Limiting it, and even the outdoor activities. They don't want my swimming and diving this year in the fall. No parent nobody's allowed to go watch. So it's just gonna be an empty place, and hopefully some parent will be ableto face. Time to meet, you know, you know that goes if they can live stream it. Yeah, That's a good idea. Fred knows how he can hook that up. Who's that? I can't tell who's in the water. Zoom meets. Yeah, Zooey. That is interesting. Because, of course you want to see your child compete, especially if they're seniors and Already half of their season last year was decimated. So wow yeah, I don't think about I've been thinking about the cheerleaders cause that's fine. Yeah, but I I get that it's Ah, I mean, look, there's disappointments everywhere, Of course, for all of the sports, But that has ripples of Walt affected. I worry about more than that is, Will you turn more cheerleaders or football players put them all in the same camp. If they don't have a discipline or something to do, they're going to do something. But what's the something they're going to do? You know, I'm saying, I agree with that is every night, Friday night Saturday night. Now, if there's no, there's no consequences. In other words, if you get caught doing something you're not supposed to be doing. There's no team to get kicked off of that scares me as much as anything you know, and it's not just that I'm starting to get to perform. But Man kids without structure, they and they don't do it overnight, but they slowly start a many stairs. 11 11 30 is even more fun. And guess what happened? 12? You know, Mikey, I hear you. It's a good thing. You're your wife has some structure for those kids. Keep them right in line. Here You are. Big stories. Top stories of the day where.

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