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You're not allowed to talk about whether or not somebody's a citizen or not that doesn't sound so good to me. Can you imagine you send out a census and you're not allowed to say whether or not a person in American citizen in Poland, they say they're either polish? They're not right. Meanwhile, the house oversight committee has voted to hold attorney general and the commerce secretary in contempt for failing to turn over the subpoenaed documents Democrats argue, the citizenship question is mere tactic to suppress representation of Latino and other minority communities, relatives of seven Americans who mysteriously died while they caning, and the Dominican Republic are demanding some answers as NPR's Bobby Allen reports the FBI is now investigating those deaths a Pennsylvania woman checked into a Dominican Republic. Resort last month with her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary shortly after consuming a drink from her hotel rooms, minibar her lungs filled up with fluid, and she died of respiratory failure days later, a Maryland couple were found dead in the same part of the island under similar circumstances, as the investigation ramped up the relatives of four other people who died over the past year and the Caribbean island in similar ways have stepped forward. The US ambassador to the country says the seven abrupt. Deaths. Don't appear to be connected. The FBI says it may need up to a month to complete an analysis into the causes of death. Bobby Allen, NPR news. On Wall Street stocks close lightly. Lower today, led by declines in banking and technology shares. The Dow Jones industrials lost forty three points. The NASDAQ fell twenty nine this is NPR news. A former Stanford had sailing coach has been sentenced to a day in prison deemed already served, plus two years probation and a fine for his role in the college admissions cheating scandal, John van damore admits, taking bribes from parents wanted to get their children into Stanford. The judge noted that no applicants got admitted as a result of those bribes, and that all of the money was used to benefit van damore sailing team. Dozens of people have been charged in the emissions cheating scandal. Van damore is the first defendant to be sentenced character. Actress Sylvia mile has died in New York. She was ninety four years old as NPR's mandalit del Barco reports, miles, earn two Oscar nominations during the nineteen sixties and seventies, the brash blonde, New Yorker was known for her body provocative roles in movies and on TV in the nineteen sixty nine film midnight cowboy Sylvia miles, played an upper east side, Hooker, the how do you think you're dealing with some old smut on forty? Second street. Notice that your big Texas long on both. I'm one halibut gorgeous check for her performance. She earned an Academy Award nomination as best actress in a supporting role. She got another nod six years later as a boozy broad and the detective film, farewell, my lovely Sylvia miles also like to party in the Manhattan scene, and earned a reputation for her flamboyant personality, among her accomplishments. Mas was also a competitive chess player Monday Letham Barco. NPR news on Asian stock market shares are lower down one percent in Hong Kong. I'm Shay Stevens. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include X.

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