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Twenty four hours a day. Call Jacob twenty four hours a day at eight four four twenty four. Jacob that's eight four four twenty four. Jacob column at eight four four twenty four. Jacob Ron line at call Jacob dot com. Wo Jin three minutes. Thanks for hanging out with us. I and e you have to be excited the Stanley Cup finals are on right now and your Saint Louis blues, your a Saint Louis. You're born there. You know, I was born in Phoenix, but raised in Saint Paul raisins, Saint Louis your Saint Louis. Yes. You grew up there yesterday are up one nothing. I know this is this is exciting. Man. The blues him seven they have never won the Stanley Cup. They have not been to the Stanley Cup since one thousand nine hundred seventy four I was born. Oh, isn't there, how to up to nothing else in the store? This is awesome man. This is really let's go blues, and especially if they can do this in Boston. Oh, yeah. Well, they're nine and three on the road. Yes, I know this because I was on around the horn today and I had to study up in bone up for game seven though. I haven't, I haven't picking the blues for a long time on around the horn because they've been so good on the road and their goalie. Joining Bennington is hot and basically hot goalie a win. Something hot rookie Golan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I actually know a little bit of the hockey, this is pretty cool. This is very cool. Yeah. Yeah. Stuff. So Bryan is losing out on guarantee it, man. So Bergman runs the Showtime, forum site. Yeah. And I joked because one of his is one of the guys that worked with him and Showtime forum started another site. So I said, oh, there's a portrayal and the gentleman del who runs the what I call the betrayal site is, is tweeting me. He's, he's trying to start beef. I listen. I really between you and between nine hundred human grad, Adele, I respect your work. I believe I went on the podcast on his podcast when it was on Showtime forum. Yeah, I will go on your podcast, too, but, you know, Bergman is my is my day one. Greg Bergman for people that don't know Greg Bergman's first job producing was for me on Fox Sports radio late at night. He's now walked into the studio, would you like to discuss this? I mean your guys are. Going after me on Twitter. I'm trying to I'm trying to I want everyone to like us and like the show. And what's happening? Yeah. I mean so I don't know. I don't know what's happening. I mean it's on Twitter. People are like Saddam won't aggregate us. Because we were the betrayal site is what I'm getting there is no portrayal sites. We had a guy that was with, so can I call can I talk about his side or no? If you want, I don't wanna put you I want him about your site friend. I appreciate you doing it. And yes, that's like helping everyone right? I have no problem with that other sites. I propose not trail. I it's that other do the same things I promote screen and roll. Right. Those guys Anthony Irwin, and Harrison faking a great job on the pot. We do. Sometimes we do like podcast, just that run within the Lakers nation onto crakers nation Trevor lane. I've had course. So can I show, indicate sure go ahead and sign entity and also, but we had hair? Fagin on the Showtime by shore. Joe world is the former betrayal site. It's not it's not trailside not Adele del Toro, who was with me. Is he left? He's the, he's the old betrayer. Yeah. He was not even of a tray or he was with me. He was my guy. He was the one that helped me out with everything. He has. He ran Twitter for I went on, on the yeah, exactly. And then he left because he wanted he needed some time away. Yes. In the time that he was away. He went onto another site whether he's there, fulltime or not. I don't know what that's all about. But it so he's doing the same. How about a work between? Like how I got the east side. He got the website. How do you protect your corners against this guy like cyber corner? He spent about five minutes away. He was. So that's totally fine lake show world is the betrayal site. Sure. The former betrayal. Sorry. ESPN LA. We look at it Showtime forum because because you helped me, yes, your daughter me. Yes,.

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