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Three year career at bell. Cow of austin college. I mean it seems like a leave of faith into project as the full jamal williams type pass catching role you know. We kind of know that they don't love running Aaron jones into the ground here so and not mention. Don't look legit good against tennessee. Last year. More than capable runner. So i think the under sixty nine hundred times. Good bet even though Aaron jones is still a strong player. So i think that have been more thirteen to fourteen carry rich connor giving us a bunch of amazing props coming up for this week in week number one in the national football league what say side or sides that you really like like sides that you'll be betting in week one so i took a good chunk of Jaguars student i get that. you know. it's it's a little bit of a tough match in terms of going. You know it's it's Charter lawrence's first game urban meyer's and there's a lot of those kind of affect when you look at it from a roster standpoint. I mean the. Jags are just a lot better than the taxes. And i think that everyone is better than the texans so i guess not saying much. They're probably gonna roll out to rob taylor And you know they basically just traded away their best player and bradley roby wasn't gonna play anyways Week one hundred player. Branding cooks I mean that's pretty sad. All things considered Just the mismatches. In general jaguars all the divine rejected. The average trevor lawrence I think is a very good player. And i don't think that's too much hot. There should be transcendent for this franchise. I sort of pizza. That and also took a piece of The see what's on the board here. Ravens i like minus four Against the raiders. The biggest mismatch there ravens number one in rushing. epa last season the The ravens rumor rushing the raiders. Were dead laugh and they added yonathan gok right. He's actually been really. Jimmy batted run by fire career A good passer but not gonna add in the run department and we know that the ravens are going to run the ball So i really think that the dominant on the ground against this raiders. Game and normally i don't like gives us from rushing standpoint but i think when you know the ravens saying what they like to do and kind of holiday succeed and win as a team. I think that it's a pretty solid handicap their designers and move. It seems like you know like i. I'm sure that there are plenty of people betting the ravens. But i'm still on it. I still think that they are far superior game here. Connor about two to three minutes left here in nikkan. I've talked about this a little bit already. The idea of seems like many valuable teaser. Legs on the board for this week. And we're seeing some lines starting to move. But really you know those those favorites that are slightly over a touchdown and you go through three and seven those dogs that are one to two and a half points teasing them up. Do you find yourself playing teasers. Usually in week one. Are there teaser..

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