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Show including of course more flannels coverage. Previewing game six Analyzing game five and also we haven't yet covered Leonard acl surgery news. I know that was last week but it feels very important. So we're going to touch on that later in the episode. But i i want to say thanks to everyone for setting an all those wonderful emails to open floor mail at gmail.com. That's open floor. Male dutch at gmail.com over the past few days. They've been super. please keep them coming. We're going to kick off today's show with one. We actually got from longtime listener thaddeus who has a question about team usa. So we're going to touch base on matt real quick and that is rates. Hey open floor. I know kevin love pick was dragged. They don't have control over guys saying no and they have no control over bill being out or grant maybe being out but how did team usa do such a bad job. Picking the roster. It's just a travesty. That with all the resources available to them not having two guys do to cove it might be a legitimate issue and thaddeus. as usual. his email is much longer than this and much more detail. Much more wonderful than what i read. But essentially he goes on to name a few other candidates that will get into job. Moran trae young. Aaron fox gordon hayward harrison barnes etc. So you know ron. I'll just throw to you team. Usa loses brad. Beal and kevin love they. Add javale mcgee and kelvin johnson. Who actually played pretty well in their exhibition last night against spain. But what is your Concern level might be the right phrase just confusion level. What are you feeling about team usa. These days i think my biggest takeaway. Mike and it's funny actually. Had this conversation a little bit with our colleague. Chris mannix as well my biggest takeaway that it feels like. They're repeating the cycle that got them to the two thousand eighteen. If you remember two thousand four kind of haphazardly. Thrown together team. They had the hall of fame. Coach larry brown but no one really seemed to be enjoying it etcetera and you know they end up not winning gold and the world's only gotten so much better so much deeper since then and then i think the us as in a position once again the very top guys. They did it for a couple of cycles. And it's lost its luster a little bit. How does kevin love. Get on the team at the to me. The bigger mysteries trae young. It seems his tweet would indicate that he wanted to go. And somehow he didn't get the call that makes no sense to me not to pick on gregg popovich incentive for my guy but you remember at the world championships of dissent bam home and kept up a plumbly brother. I believe over him. They monster yeah yeah. They've made some strange decisions. I think roster wise since pop kind of took over the program. So i i just feel like a lot of people are saying no and i think we're right back to where we were in two thousand and four. That kind of kicked off the overhaul of usa basketball feels like the top top players. Once again aren't as interested in it. And i think it will. Frankly take a bad loss or a bad olympics are two before that cycle comes back we're top players are like okay now. We want to come in and kind of right the ship again it and then on top of that. The last two seasons of nba basketball been incredibly mentally physically draining to a degree. That i don't know why they would expect. Anyone wants to go to tokyo right now. We're the situation is also seems to be incredibly taxing so i guess none of this. Is that surprising to.

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