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Welcome back to the CPI security post game show long. Mike Pacheco in the guys. Brit McMillan glad to have you with us on Mike to the point that Jim was talking about does we wrapped up. Our Panthers lock grew show. Brought to you by Sheba business solutions the Carolinas with Ron Rivera. You know at the end of the first half Tampa had a third and eleven at the thirteen and Jameis Winston a touchdown pass early in the second half the first time they had the ball. They had a third and seven in the Panthers called pass interference. They had a third eleven and the got an eighteen yard completion. And then the pass interference call. They were talking. Yeah. It was a from their own forty seven. Panthers are called for pass interference James bradberry. No, it was Dante Jackson was. Fifty three yard penalty. Yeah. And it was you know in the receiver was falling down. Jackson was actually playing the ball. But the referee called in the end zone, which all of a sudden becomes a fifty one yard penalty. And that was kind of sad. And then later on the next time they had the ball from their own eighteen on third and seventeen. Jacksonville gets eighteen yard completion. So that's something. That's been plaguing. This team the last few weeks and continues to plague them but to their credit. The Panthers defense did Bill better job locking down later on. But Ron made a good point to some extent. The Panthers kinda got in the Tampa Bay got into a situation where they were they had a lead to protect at that point. And they weren't getting they weren't doing risky things. As long as the Panthers. We're turning the ball over. They didn't have to worry about being aggressive segue kind of into you know, we can't scanning around Twitter and see what's going on in around very told reporters that he was helping defensive playcalling today, which is something that you, and I were speculation as to would that happen today. That happen down the road. But we did find out today. And I'm sure we get more drawn out conversation tomorrow. Hopefully, somebody will find out more information as to was it. You know? Planned. Did it just happened during the middle of the game? What point did, you know? So just to get some of the information on that. Greg Olsen talking to reporters, multiple reporters reporting this Gracie ruptured his planner fascia. Pretty much indicated he's done for the season says now time to just fixes foot not ready to address his long-term future. And if you check out any of the Panthers social media feed, fair reaction ranges from thanks Greg to you know, his season's done. So the speculation again, this is complete speculation. Yeah. Is you know, anywhere from? Yeah. He's gonna come back to he is he's done so tough tough break for the Panthers. No pun intended. I mean, it was tough tough situation to deal with that today. And you know, the other thing he said in reading some of the the timelines was that. You know, they they you know, they knew what he broke into came in the off season. You know, getting it healed and broke it again. Earlier earlier in the season. And then, you know, they need to do what you came back to their kind of working on borrowed time. They were just in fact, he said it was feeling better as of late. But unfortunately, you know, in the worst thing about it is. It came into contact. Yeah. He was just coming off. And you could just see him kinda limp. And then he just kinda turned right? Went off the top. Yeah. That's tough. I mean, he's been such a such a valuable member this team such a classy player in you. You know, if it's the end of the career, you hate to see the career in this way. But you know, he's he's one of the great team couple of things as we look around the NFL this NFL research, I was going to this website. Twitter handle, Josh Allen. More rushing yards hundred thirty five in week thirteen Todd Gurley hundred thirty two saquon Barkley heard twenty nine Christian McCaffrey hundred six yards. The list goes on all the way down to Alvin Kamara thirty six yards this week. Wow. Cardinals beating the Packers on the road for the first time since let's see what is I got. Nineteen forty two close nineteen forty nine. Wow. Yes. In between World War Two and Korea with the cardinals still in Chicago. Correct. The they were the Chicago cardinals. Lambeau Field had yet to be built Green Bay was coached by curly. Lambeau himself. Head coach is Mike McCarthy and Steve walks, of course, had yet to be born at that time. I was nine. Yeah. I was a little bit ahead of you. Wow. That's amazing. Absolutely. May end, of course to the at the time. The cardinals were used to play in in cold weather as opposed to the current, right? Which are not head coach by Steve Wilks former Panthers defensive coordinator. And that's right. That's a nice win for them. I mean now it's makes them three and nine on the year. But gives them some hope that things are moving in the right direction. Maybe Panthers football. Brought to you by Papa John's all season long Papa John's everyday panther special. That's too large to topping pizza's for only eight dollars and eighty eight cents each when you use code Panthers. Eight eight eight better ingredients better pizza Papa John's proud partner of the Carolina Panthers. Still ahead. We'll check stats will here for mardi Hernan. Also, get the final thoughts from Jim make an Eugene. So stay with us on the CPI security post game show. This is the home of.

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