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The tenant governor dan mckee's couple of minute thought about this earlier today i do really do appreciate the leadership amid llosa on this on this issue when he called me last week and and laid out an argument of why we need to be very concerned about what's happening right now in the providence county as is going to relate to the state rhode island and it just happens that we happen to be in the center of the storm because we're the only trial tastes census in the entire country so the three things that i would point out as being a former mayor and had gone through a census before and had had many many people from outside regionally and nationally come into my office and saying we want to get this right that was back in the census ten years ago as a mayor to see that we're just this one little dot on the map in the in the country and yet the have they should be reaching out to the mayor's they should be talking to the mayor's the mayor's understand as a do says we're on the front line and we understand what's happening in our communities so if you're trying to get the numbers accurate the first place you go is to the mayors and it's not like they had to deal with a thousand mayors would this one little dot on the map they had to deal with what nine ten ten minutes believers and that should have went to them if that was going to be the trial trial a census in the entire country and that's the other reason why we're here today and why it's so important because if we don't get it right here then the country's not going to get it right and each and every community in that represents the fifty states and beyond that in the territories right so what we want to so one they should have went to the mayor's to we date very unkindly from the municipal level unfunded mandates whether it's coming from the state or whether it's coming from the national from the federal government and then this case because you're underfunded and you're not going to be able to actually get the numbers that you need in order to plan for the things we need the plan for the stakes are very high as mad llosa has said in terms of.

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