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The point is why it's so crazy to think that president should keep his campaign promises. Wow. Lady. All right. Forget the polls for a moment. The Democrats control the house, they're not gonna give Trump his wall. So what do you want him to do? You. Obviously do not follow me on Twitter. Follow enough of you. Very clear actually since election day. What was I wrote about it in Trump trust one of the great things about Trump's campaign and the campaign was beautiful. Suddenly, I'm really warming to Chris Christie for attacks on on basically, everything Trump did to destroy his campaign. He should've kept Corey Lindau's e brings in his incompetent liberal Democrat, sewn in lines just all onto hill since then Conway is totally right about that, George Conway. We're talking about him before I walked in and greeted you. But as long as he does the right things, I'm totally with. Okay. Well, here's a question is Trump of fraud competent, lazy and incompetent. He's not. I don't think he's a so you thinking you've had many conversations with him about this subject. You say right now at this moment that to his core he believes in this policy, and the reason it hasn't happened. And the reason he caved in front of his base. And you is because he's just incompetent as opposed to do. You have any doubts about whether. You know, he's kind of not really. But I mean does he care more about building the wall or making sure Jared gets good press there? I'm not sure not sure at all. But no, he's always had the power to build the wall. I feel like I'm Dorothy and wizard of Oz. You've always had the power Mr President. He's always ease. The president's house shoes. Western you the entire public understands that if for no reason based on false reports of chemical of nerve gas being used in Syria, the president has thority just bombs billions in Syria. But we think that he doesn't have the authority to protect the United States citizens by building a wall at the border. That's what the defense is for defense. He should declare an emergency should read a constitution. Oh my gosh. I'm commander in chief who look at that they can build a well. That's what the department of defense or or I think it was called what used to be called before department department. Yeah. That's what our military did for the first hundred hundred and fifty years, they built fortresses along the border. What is the purpose of appropriate? I believe the defense department is fully funded. I think they're doing. Won't be if it does defending the plutocrats Rathan on and Boeing that's all we use to pump department of defense funds for now. Oh, let's build more useless weapons. We don't need to bomb civilian amnesty. No one is going to hurt. One single mayor look Coulter just want to be very specific here. All right. So you're saying he doesn't have to declare a national emergency. And if he doesn't need funding from congress. He doesn't need a deal from congress. He should just direct the defense department to bend wall. Yeah. That's what we have. But does our civil engineers doesn't what congress to appropriate money. Sure. Okay. So what they're just going to say department of defense can spend nothing are you claiming that the congress could say, no, you can send troops war. But you can't go up this battlefield. You have to go around back. We were with the point is his job is defend America from we're not at war war with Syria, and yet we bombed innocent civilians there did you complain about that Michael loss is no I don't think you did Brian Williams practically I can't say what he almost did on well for the record. We have been reporting on the fact that we've been at war for all these years in places that have nothing to do with nine eleven has to do. Military force. So I think we would be consistent on this issue as well. Yeah. But I'm still a little puzzled as to I came to understand how you can be puzzled with the commander in chief whose job is to protect the citizens of the United States..

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