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I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP News MINUTE California's reporting a big spike Today in Corona virus cases 11,000 new infections recorded yesterday with 140 deaths. The Los Angeles County health director's calling it alarming. Texas and Florida also had more than 10,000 cases each in a single day. Oklahoma's Republican governor Kevin Stead, announces he has the Corona virus just kind of feels like you like a maybe a start of a little cold is what it feels like right now. But really, I feel feel fine. He says his family all tested negative state was quick to reopen his state and won't mandate a mask masks are becoming mandatory. In Alabama. Some health experts say they're concerned by a change in covert 19 reporting hospital data will now be collected by a private technology firm rather than the federal government. Disney is announcing all of its parks are now open again. As of today, I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News I'm Jackie Quinn, the Sunbelt continue seeing a spike in Corona virus cases more than 10,000 today in Texas and Florida, where Miami emergency Room doctor nickname IAS is sounding an alarm filling the hospitals. And we're on the cusp of either doing the right thing and and we may have passed that cost. Arizona has more than 3200 new cases today, the highest per capita rate in the nation. I seeyou beds are running out in Oklahoma. The governor announces he's tested positive days before Oklahoma hosted President Trump's first rally of the virus era last month. It's gonna be safe. We're really, really excited. Kevin Stitt was at the rally and event health experts they likely contributed to a virus surge in Oklahoma. Now Stitch himself has just kind of feels like a Maybe a start of a little cold is what it feels like right now, but really, I feel Feel fine State rarely wears a mask and has been resisting any statewide mask mandate. You just open up a big can of worms. Soccer Megane Washington. The Rose Parade is being cancelled in January in California. President Trump today travel to Atlanta, announcing that he is rolling back long time environmental protections that slow down infrastructure projects historic breakthrough, which means better roads, bridges, tunnels and highways. Wherever UPS driver and every citizen all across our land. The Postal Service announces that meal deliveries could be delayed by a day or more with cuts to overtime. To help the agency get through the pandemic. Several New York City police officers were attacked and injured today It was a clash with protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge..

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