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This is kristen. Keogh your unc basketball coach and you are listening to the whole show. Thirteen ten kfi chiropractic. It's it's my. It's my go-to there my chiropractor. I've been going there since january. Really just got to got to know them needed to do something back was killing me. So got in there. Dr tyler tyler terry dr haley harada wonderful folks there and it's certainly different than pop in and take five minutes and then pop out and then you feel relieved for a moment but it's really not doing anything. It's kind of like teddy bridgewater. You know it's gonna make you okay for now but it's not the long term plan. Drew lock is probably more like reve chiropractic. Yeah it's the long term plan we're gonna take care of you. I'm reaching reaching now. Colefax right twenty two minutes after the hour. bryan hal. Joining us from buff zone. Brian you got you gotta get creative in this industry. Man you've got to find ways..

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