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West Virginia is the place to go. And you'll find that Friday at the track is going to give you what you need for less than a monthly car payment you can attend its regularly scheduled. I told one day. Instructional Event in Your Streetcar on one at some point three world class road racing circuits. You'll receive classroom instruction. Skin Pat instruction in their cars including Front and Rear Skid Control and four twenty minute in your car. Instructional sessions from a professional instructor. Have Fun go fast and really really learn how to drive call three Oh four seven two five eight four four four four class schedules and detailed. That's three zero four. Seven two five eight four. Four four Friday at the ATTRAC- at Summit Point motorsports the performance motorsports network is a compilation of shows about motor sports from technical to controversy to just find everything. You like about racing. GEARHEAD stop is right here on one Internet channel. The performance motorsports older sports network. Tell your friends about hi. I'm Jesse love and you're listening to raise chase a radio now back to the show back to motorsports madness as we get ready to wrap up the show. A reminder there will be no new show next week four Thanksgiving obviously we will run a best of show in syndication those of you who listen to us the American forces sources network or Sirius. Xm One of our radio affiliates across the country. You will get a a best of next Thursday and or in regular timeslot when the show normally plays so We'll be back with the next new show. The Thursday after Thanksgiving I will be off to the National Indoor Kart Championship in Batesville Mississippi. Hey write this down O. N. I.. KC DOT COM O.. N. I k.. C. See DOT com and check out the live stream. We livestream both days of go kart racing. It is very very intriguing by eight hundred entries over the two days and a lot of fun indoor dirk kind of stuff so we hope that you will join me for that at some point next Friday or Saturday Saturday and look forward to being back here. This is our final radio segment we will go into TV overtime momentarily. Randy Miller real real quick in about ten seconds or less. Who would you think is the leading candidate to replace Jimi just Haley? Wow we talk. I've been thinking about him. I think he's GonNa Leapfrog a couple of people you got one for us I like all. That's Pera Justice. Okay I'm sticking took it with right now with Ross chastain but we'll see anyway joining US thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving everybody especially thinking of our troops troops..

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