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You know you're up against it that that's been the rub for them. Through two weeks the secondary man that that giant secondary terrible Dak Prescott shred of in Allen made some nice throws rose and was able to consistently move the ball through the air. It's not the PB. There's no pass rush well. We'll see if the giants are able the fix that total of forty eight on this game so maybe that's something you want to keep in mind here where the giants despite the lack of weapons at wide receiver right now with some of the injuries they may Daniel Jones Jones angell and make some of those throws that Eli just simply wasn't able to make at this stage of his career real real quick. I say this to you but you know manning. It was a pilot and you know I mean through two weeks and the bills did the same thing they just rush. They they bum rush up the middle and he's got nowhere to go and the pocket collapsed on him. Jones will make some plays with his feet. So you know what whether it's good enough to win gains I couldn't tell you but they will produce some big plays with this kid getting out of the pocket and doing something with his feet and the other thing with the giant you can like fantasy football or fantasy football at Barclay Arkley onto fantasy teams last year and they're doing the exact same thing with this kid it's unbelievable they get the ball first and goal at the two and throw three passes give. VOL- Barkley that you've got a weapon and their play calling it a tragedy well to me a lot of play calling atrocity around college football and the NFL so that's certainly doesn't surprise me here with the giants but again some interesting food for thought there to say the least Brian let's go across the pond for a couple of minutes here the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. What a field this is Rory Rahm Rose Casey fleetwood fee now sense and Fitz Patrick mullery Wallace the guy that you've liked a few times here over the last calendar year victor hobbling. WHO's played excellent? He's got what seventeen seventeen rounds in the sixty s in a row or something crazy number like that. Patrick read lots of strong guys there over in this field break this down for us a little bit here. What are you looking for. This is phenomenal golf term and there's some great crisis that are out there. this is one of the big tournaments on the European tour went with Wentworth Country Club. You got for starters. You should look at the Brits. I mean that's where the Shane lowry pick came from. You Know GonNa have raucous home support. He was eighty two one. Everybody was talking about mcelroy and Graeme McDowell and Shane lowry fell through the cracks. If you wanted to go on the same premise with the big name Brits that are there you know with Justin Rose Paul Casey and fleetwood. The prices are are great on them. Believe me there are some Brits that are places price plays I mean I I do look at it. He infiltrated sixty six to one I think Eddie in Pepperell at one hundred to one side look for starters. I'd be looking at Brits but the other thing I'd be looking for. PGA Tour players that showed over your Patrick creeds over there. What is Andrew Putnam doing there yeah. Andrew Putnam can play Andrew Buttons Eighty to one so you see some of these. PGA Tour players when they you go to Europe they contend. I think something really wacky could have cure any sold one hundred and one. You know what I'm saying there this great event. I mean somebody really deep down on my list to win this tournament. Well and that's what's interesting because you look the last few winters here Francesco Molinari last year Alex Norton who plays very very well in the European tour comes over the US doesn't play as well. He's very strong over there. Chris would an Englishman one this twenty sixteen Benny on in Twenty Fifteen Rory Rian fourteen so there have been some big names you're right. They're also been some guys that you know. Maybe we're at the start of their career finished with top five or something like that some of those young but really talented players so I there are a lot of different ways to look at this one you know. Did you play those guys that you've mentioned already here or you kinda looking looking for some more price place. No I honestly poultry on the list. I am going to tell a little flyer on Andrew Putnam because I think a a solid PGA tour member over there. Could maybe make a little bit of noise another guy billy horseshoe fifty five to one you could show up. I've been there but I mean the the debt. This field the unfortunate thing at least the way it's offered here if I'm like a PGA tour event where okay you get the first two rows and then you see where your stack up and you could play somebody on Friday night. That's the one with the European tour events here in Vegas. Legacy is the key off and you're stuck with the ticket. You got so no I said I'd I'd be looking at a guy like poker and Putnam the the one guy and I and you're right that Wallis that you sitting on the board the bud way Matthew Pitts fats and other ones who's in really good forums or you know what Matt Wallis and you talk about. Tommy fleetwood contended majors Justin rose number one player in the world how often they win the one thing about that. Wallis and I it had he was close when he came over to the states but the one thing on the European talknet Wallace Does Win Matt Walsh knows how to win tournaments and he's still flies under the radar all right so we'll take a look at the PGA event that real quickly and this one used to be an alternate event to the open championship to the WCHS BBC event now. It's a standalone event on the PGA tour. We're the Sanderson Farms Championship and as a standalone event a little bit stronger of a field. It's still not particularly good but last week's winner walking Neiman is your favorite Sunjay. M The second favorite rant snicker playing in this tournament. It's not in California so tough to take him this week but Benny on Lucas Glover Brian Harman and Cam Smith last winter cameron campus forty five to one. This is a fairly decent field with some names guys that we've talked about a lot here in previous segments well. It was the one team and twelve. Oh come on really good for him but he gets his first win. in golf is a form cycle sport art but I I I played Cam Smith last week. He's thirty two one. He played well last week. He was in contention. He did falter but I- Cameron Smith would be a starting already going for me. I go down to thirty one Aaron wise coming off the shelf at forty. Two one is a guy would look at and I'm looking at this just because I think this is something they can happen. Don't forget opiate. It's only a month but it's a month nonetheless that the season ended for a lot of these guys just take a break reload refreshed for some of them just go and work on their game Charley Hoffman at one hundred ten to one he hasn't played since August eleven. What if he figured out what you know the what was troubling him and comes back. I mean Charlie Harpoon the like a forty two one guy all year long yeah. His forum sucked but he's been awful month. What do you think he's been doing for a month. He's probably been working on his game. you you know so. I think there are guys like that and I'll throw at just for you just because I know you record this. I'll probably idiot price out there coming off the that Korn Ferry tour thing where I'd got their card and that first week maybe nerves were part of the equation for a lot of these guys three hundred fifty to one guy like Jim Hermit. He played well in Korn Ferry tour. He wanted to hurt him in a while back. This tournament Adam where something really wacko happens yeah. No it makes a lot of sense. I mean this isn't tournament. This is is an interesting year because it's not an alternate event as I mentioned so bigger purse actually five hundred Fedex Cup points three hundred this also pretty long golf course seventy four hundred yards so gal champ last year winning big off the tee. Corey Qatar's runner-up big off the tee so that's something you WanNa look at here a little bit this week to do it can really rip it out there in the fairway or if they don't put it in the fairway the rough not usually as penal here as it. Is it.

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