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Yes. What you tell us. How you really feel though? I mean, I could no no joke joke joke way worse than I want to get to your writing. I want to get you. Right. Tell us about your habit. When you sit down to write something like this. Do you start with an outline? Yeah. I mean, I don't like to really talk too much with authority. Unlike what kind of a right, Aaron what kind of drugs are just just because I did one thing. So really is like knows the way I write this, you know, whatsoever. And there's no one way to do it. We're just curious how you did it. So did you start with an outline? Did. You know, you're beginning middle and end. Yeah. No. I didn't I really for this to set down wanting to write to enjoy myself. That's really what I I was in a really really bad place. Mentally, and I was like I just need to enjoy writing because I'm like miserable. And I want to just like sit in a coffee shop and feel good. So I did that. And I just wrote a bunch of things I was trying to write some big sort of like, you know, like weird like shortcuts like magnolia version of the internet where I'm going to rid of ROY. Like how I have so much to say I'm gonna talk about fifteen characters. And then I. Eventually stumbled on the voice of this girl, and and found that I could say absolutely everything I wanted through her and then just started writing and just just dug into the middle. And I think that is probably a process with my writing going forward. Whereas like, I for me need it needs. I need to see the end before I began in the end for me is the moment to moment. Experience of the film. I need to see the thing like living and breathing in a scene before I even begin to extrapolate and think like is this a movie, I just need to like write the scenes, and it needs to feel alive in a moment. And then I can go. Okay. But for this one it was like, I just wrote wrote wrote wrote just scenes I wanted to see not worrying about connecting exposition or anything out of order just. Yeah. Like, oh my God. If she went to a pool party that she was invited to whoa. Oh, if she went to a had to go to a high school shadow program, Microsoft, we're documentary were you in final draft. I was in does that right? He does make us. No, no. I did. Just for this kind of outline this outpouring or were you really just writing? Oh, yeah. No just seems the final draft then eventually at sixty pages of just a mess, and that was like Lee, and this this is not my style at all. I'm not as quick, but that was like literally like seven days. Wow. It's had sixty pages and was very excited about it. And then started to back off and go like, what is this story, and I had these sort of like floating blogs that I knew I felt I knew definitely wanted to function as voice over that would overlap scenes, but it's fascinating. And for anyone in the room that doesn't know Bose just recently nominated by the writers guild of America for best original screenplay for eighth grade. So. That's why we're spending some time on the right? And but but it's fascinating. Because you you kind of like our bearing the lead here, not only did you put these blogs in the movie as part of your structure, they're echoing what hurt innermost feelings are at these moments..

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